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Sacred Sciences and finding unity in the 21st century.

   TLDR : Sacred sciences are disappearing and will soon become virtually useless to humanity. They can have a very positive impact in our societies so we must find away to give them a voice.We must find a way to communicate them with the same strenght of conventional sciences. 

There are two  very important trends among the entities that shape our society (Google with Ray Kurzweil , Facebook wich Zuckerberg, Tesla and OpenAi with Musk etc) that will determine the future of the masses.

    The first one is the fact that we (or more accurately the elite of mankind) will somehow reach a godlike state in which we will be immortal and have access to eternal bliss thanks to the exponential progress in AI engineering, medicine and other fields of science.

This idea of a genetically modified and technologically enhanced humans being  decades away  already has a tremendous influence on our society. Spirituality will become useless to the people who will  rule the world and control the masses

     The second  trend is that of viewing our world as a giant computer simulation. One of the first things you learn from spirituality is the distinction between the spiritual and the material world. But due to the current scientific paradigm, the spiritual world doesn't  exist and we are nothing but bits to the eyes of some advanced entity that engineered us. Therefore, if we accumulate enough data about our world we can shape out our realities the way we want. Living experiences virtually is not that different from living them in the outside world. This is idea is being used to trap the masses in an obedient state. If you entertain the dormant masses and give them access to limitless physical pleasure in a beautiful virtual reality, they will not want anything else. Spirituality will become useless to the masses themselves. 

     You may think that somehow,  light always finds its way throught darkness and that millenias of ancient widsom and spiritual learnings will not go to waste. If you do, you may unfortunately be wrong because one of the attributes of manking is free will. We are not set to a experience a global spiritual awakening by the end of the 21st century. We are not set to see a flamboyant rebirth of Sacred Sciences in the Scientific community in the next centuries.

We are witnessing the birth of a global hivemind. A society that tells you what is right and what is not. Mainstream scientific theories are being fed to students as absolute truths thus making science into a dogm, a new religion. The values of sexuality which is in my opinion one of the natural laws of the Universe are being reduced to more "communication between individuals" and "physical pleasure".

There are countless more examples that show that we are shifting towards an Orwellian world without even complaining about it. Just look at social media which are working as ideological echo chambers. 

    Sacred Sciences may not survive this and they may be lost for centuries before we have to rediscover them and learn everything again from scratch. That is why I think it's exteremely important for people studying sacred sciences or just studying spirituality with an open minded perspective to be united in the coming century. I notice that many great individuals are trying to create a bridge between science and religion, to break the current scientific paradigm that is muting countless brilliant minds. But they are divided. If you do some research  on sacred sciences, you are overwhelmed by a gigantic amount of information, that mostly comes from people "who will give you the secret technique to decalcify your pineal gland in  a book that you can purchase for only 20 dollars on Amazon".

Because of this, our societies ignore sacred sciences. They ignore spiritual truths and let the most respectable achievement of mankind turn into  a tibetan monk meditating under a waterfall, or a catchy quote from Nikola Tesla. 

So... how exactly can we prevent sacred sciences from disappearing ? I don't have a clear answer.

All I know is that empathy is key. One that acquires this type of knowledge should always stay connected to the outside world and be aware of how much suffering and division there is out there. It's easy to get lost in contemplation once you find your meaning, your personal balanced and you dedicate yourself to yout  cherished sacred pseudo-secret knowledge. Always keep in mind that great souls out there are being kept caged by religious, scientific or cultural dogmas. It's important to have a positive impact beyond our close ones. 

One more thing we can do is to share our knowledge more than ever. Facebook pages with eye-catching titles or beautiful blogs won't  be enough. We have to let down our Ego and consider this as one of the greatest activities of mankind because it has the power to connect All. Don't be content with a warm community where you can feel at home. Look and go beyond that.

I would greatly appreciate any comment or criticism. 

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I see your point, however I'm not experiencing the looming disappearance of sacred sciences... modern physics are breaking the chasm between science and metaphysics... proving that there is no matter and that consciousness is primary creative force. The souls that are open to esoteric knowledge will be able to spiritualize any info, no matter what age they live in....


That is indeed a great ray of hope.

However , i think science is supposed to be at the service of mankind, it's development should affect us in an uplifting way. I don't think we should wait for an  "Eureka" moment because it will most likely never happen. We have "proved it" millenias ago, but look at our societes now.

We should also be aware that there is a immense amount of different theories that would break that chasm between science and metaphysics waiting for approval by the scientific community.

This overwhelming diversity will be a trap.

I think it will slow down our progress in that field instead of accelerating it, because the competitive theories will just be more united easier for people to understand. There will always be souls open to esoteric knowledge, but I think we ran out of prophets a long time ago. It's about hushering everyone into a new era of knowledge especially those who see no reason to pay attention to it if all their needs are satisfied by advanced conventional technologies.  "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity." Albert Einstein

There is every opportunity to ask questions aloud in response. That's what makes this piece very worthwhile. 

Who are the elite? That is one of many springboards available upon a close reading of these terms as we discuss how we are to integrate sacred sciences into a future that is more sacred, not less. And I do have varying senses of what this word "sacred" means - if not to you, then to society as it breaks down in various ways into sub-cultures and sects.

And yet we all agree on what empathy is. And, fortunately, empathy is what you prescribe.

More later.

Generally speaking, in today's society the elite are people who can have a colossal influence on the course of history : CEOs of major companies, politicians, some artists and entertainers,  and all other individuals with a great amount of influence on the masses through economy, diplomacy,social media and intellectual/technological achievements.  

The elite of the next centuries are the handful of people who will have enough money and authority to get access to groundbreaking medical procedures or technological enhancements, thus setting themselves above basic natural humans beings. 

I mainly use the term "sacred" to describe something that is highly valued and important for mankind both materialistically and spiritually. I do not connote it any religious belief, but that may not be the case for all readers. 

These definitions are appreciated. Again, we all can openly discuss this without reaching any conclusions - because we're talking about the future. Often the topic is whether or not we are already in the middle of a cross between Orwell's and Huxley's and a few more favorite 20th century novels ... here, today's elite is distinct from the one envisioned, and with good reason. People can still rise up from poverty to become taste-makers in this world market.

Second time around, I've clicked the linked video.  I asked for the sacred definition in part because I use it all the time. And often in relation to making sex sacred, or more sacred, or sacred like it once was but into this electronic age. I'm more of an optimist about how progress in this area cuts across class or religion. Right now one does not need an exorbitant amount of money to switch genders, a technological advance that to some very pure believers in the sacred is a capitulation to questioning Nature with modern equipment, not unlike genetic modification. The transsexual is not likely to agree. However, the overall reclamation of our human spirit is at odds with the classic narcissistic impulse to "play god". The attempt to heal our mass narcissism is going on with more depth than it may appear on the surface. This is how we could hope for some number of the future elite to consider the masses more sacred than the Corporate Citizen of today does.

I discovered Manly Hall on YouTube a couple of years before finding Esoteric Online. Anyone can comment, of course, and I remember posting some of my usual about how at least some of us are here to embody the virtues and there's enough of us to keep the whole thing afloat for everybody, I'm not sure what exactly. But a recalcitrant viewer was leaving skeptical replies: "You think you're part of some special breed, don't you? Well you're not, you're going down just like the rest of us!"

Excellent post and I do believe the goal of the Elite class is to hive mind us into a steady compliant virtual state with little to no empathy.  What we will lose is our "natural" ability to connect with each other and our environment around us.  This disconnection will cause us to lose our intuitive powers and our ability to engage naturally on all levels of our existence.  The sacred sciences are conceptual pointers to what we should come to innately know.  On the flip side, nature, while beautiful, forceful and mysterious is unable to be completely harnessed by anyone including the Elite.  They have figured out how  to mimic it in a virtual world to allow ultimate control.   The elite and their negative polarity vs. the empaths and their positive polarity.  Were we ALL possibly Empaths at one point, at one "natural" singularity?  Now there are two poles, "they shall know good and evil"  Is It real or Memorex?  How was this negative pole created and why are some individuals charged to it?  From where does this negative polarity consciousness hail?  Reminds me of "The Book of the Dead" aka "Coming forth by Day"  Who is coming forth by day?  Aristotle had said, "Not all that wear the guise of MAN are HUMAN".  I can agree with that.  While people like Ray Kurzweil are predicting a "singularity", it will be a simulated singularity for the negative pole of this duality.  Ions and Ions, zions and lions, "Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth" Buddha  Light, Truth, Good (God) will and must prevail.  If we can certainly affect our environment by words, actions, imaginative visualizations to love, live and protect our natural state, that is what we have to do. I get that, but it still leaves us in a primitive state unable to defend against forces known and unknown.   However, maybe this is the plan after all to start in a primitive state of nature and end in a conscious energetic state within a hived collective.  Is that how you become immortal, to be absorbed into a self-similar energetic collective?  It is hard to know without knowing our true origins and/or the Supernal and Supernatural Overarching Mind.  Has this Demiurgic AI type mind always been here?  Did certain ancients, wizards, masters know and understand this?  What is really out there?  As you can see, I still have many questions, doubts, etc.  In other words, I know that I know nothing!  :)

Very, very insightful reply, thank you !

 I personally think that this negative polarity is natural, and acts as a reinforcement mechanism for the positive polarity. We may have already reached some sort of natural, feeble singulariry in our history, but our lack of mastery over the forces of nature dismantled that seemingly perfect balance. The term demiurgic is very well used in this case. We don't know how many layers of reality separate us from the original,all encompassing reality. We may find it out through millenia of actionless hesitation or adventurous (most likely destructive) collective experiences.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not sacred sciences are slowing us down. Maybe our duty as a civilization is to push the negative polarity to its limit regardless of the consequences. Perhaps what we view today as sacred and divine is nothing but an echo, a reminescence of that forgotten time when we reached that primitive singularity.  

Our role then, for those who "work" on sacred sciences would simply be to protect the archives of this knowledge, keep it...esoteric and hope that after going through the whole negative phase we will  naturally go through a positive, more advanced phase of positive polarity. 

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance—it is the illusion of knowledge." :)

Good plan, because....who can fight the beast and resistance is futile.  However with everything there is a season.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Law of Polarity, Law of Rhythm....these are two of the seven hermetic laws aka "natural laws" aka "Seals".  As far as the pendulum swings to the left, it must return in force to the right.  May the force be with you...cross the dark in wisdom.  All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well"~ Julian of Norwich. 

I was drawn to watch Cloud Atlas again last night after reading this thread.  Very interesting concept of our lives as a note, a sound a vibration threading through time appearing in different aspects of people, but holding the same resonance so therefore a continuation of a certain vibration within this world based on Love.  Through all the dark times, certain people still hold that note.  All my best!


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