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Hey guys in the "Christianity" section I thought to add the most important topic, that of Salvation. Every religion seeks a way to get out of guilt, either after we have done some sin or some other reason (the Greeks seek after wisdom). But narrowing it down to "Christianity".

So in the midst of the tons of divisions and the cluster of opinions, I found that the only way that you must be saved is to hear the word of God and do what it says, and not listen to the opinions of men. 

So where is Salvation found?

That's easy - get first the King James Bible from 1611. Here why the KJVB and not any other English Bible:

Then read Romans chapter 1-4. Or just listen to this:

Notice the order: Chapter 1,2,3,4. And not like the other teachers/preachers who jump around the Bible and compose their own ways of how to be saved, which are false. Example - the sinner's prayers, which isn't even the Bible.

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salvation is another allegory which has been spun into a meaningless idea.
Thanks to exoteric theology.

"And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire."

That verse pretty much says what it means. And so I made sure to seek salvation, for I was not written there. And by your speech I perceive you are not written there, nor know what is the book of life.

Well, sir, I believe God, and not you, as always. Why would I believe you or any man and not the Bible?

Even as the masons do, showing a skull in order to get you to reflect on the that truth, that you will die, for thou art, but flesh. And after that the judgement. The soul that sinneth, it shall die.

Salvation is found "within" as Jesus says - read John 10:34 or many thoughts in The gospel of Thomas.

The Roman Empire you fool-owe has made a lot of money shearing sheeple with the Salvation dogma, and removing GOOD ACTS. That is why today's Gospel deviates need to 'testify' and 'witness' every Sunday to the BAD ACTS they do all week long.

This post on another thread addressing true history will suffice.

Today's response to another but less aggressive fool.

Well that is one point of view (470,000 years of just dabbing some paint and little else) - and it was not long ago that we were told just 6,000 years ago that was about all we had achieved. In fact I think anyone who buys the cuneiform original language still buys the Bible Narrative and some even say we walked with Dinosaurs then - Canadian PM and his fellow fiend Stockwell Day.

So what I think is current cutting edge - since Homo Habilis's brain size was increased - is 200,000 years ago our Homo sapiens arrived on the scene and was better than Neanderthal because we had speech lobes. Some of us disagree or wonder if speech lobes are all that important. I for one find people talk about crap and do not try disciplined wisdom acquisition - certainly Plato was right when he noted this after seeing how it affected people getting a writing language, after the Phoenicians gave them one about a millennia before him.

Around that time they are finally coming around to what I said forty eight years ago. Interbreeding with Neanderthal meant we Neanderthals got speech lobes, let's say 150,000 most cross breeds had it. The homos who had previously been much smaller and weaker got larger and more like we are now. There were some giants around this time as usually occurs with breeding outside the genus or line. Say eight foot tall, and even nine at times. The issue of Patagonian Land Giants still intrigues me. Same with sasquatch.

The Habilis line or Mungo or Denisovan or others just recently found in Iberia were doing amazing things a million years ago. All the world was their oyster. They learned things few of us know today, their communication was superior to ours - ESP or real sensory perception.. It appears the Dwarves (Hobbit) had the ability to move things via harmonics or sound, whatever they had they were highly prized as few remained in 1300 BCE.

Some people "walked between worlds" as is said by neo-Druids - see Old Gaelic Order thread. Yes, dimensional realities we are just now learning in physics were commonly experienced. Bucky Fuller noted before any of these other hominids up to 7 million years ago (acknowledged, but will go back further when we find more - say 10 million) that they did not need to build non-biodegradable structures.  They were with the gods in those other dimensions so they did not need to build their ego and claim to speak for such entities as energy collectives can be perceived as being. They spoke with animals like you see when Crocodile Dundee confronts the Water Buffalo in the movie. See Marshack's work on aborigine 'message sticks' I say are Oghamic - see his le Placard Baton in Iberia - accurate lunar calendar dated about 30,000 years ago.

So we gradually devolved and became the idiots who needed to have people tell us lies and use us as cannon fodder or as sex slaves.

I like that term, a lot.... "Walking between worlds"....

Accordingly, while many may not agree with this correlation, for salvation to be found in Jesus, some see Jesus as "he's us" ...... blasphemous? Not to everyone. Also, the continuation of the seed, the bloodlline of family, Jesus, being the child of God and the decension of such.... Salvation of famly is found in the generational off-spring. Granted, many would not make these connections, but it is just a mere thought on the surface of a much deeper dwelling. 

Not every one who dwells within religion's bindings are idiots. Some have an intention of observing the archaic cannotations having come to a different understanding, hence, making the term "idiots" deceptively dismissive.

Your quote: "hear the word of God and do what it says", inspires me.

To answer your question, Star. If one of the main messages of Christianity is 'God forgiving all of our sins', then how can there be an eternal hell? If you do a sin, then someone will cry, you should know better.

Hello Dragomir,

Sounds like you believe in the Bible right down to the letter. In this topic of salvation I would ask us to ponder salvation from what? Sin? What is sin? According to strong's dictionary it is to error or miss the Mark. So what is the error it is referring to. I would like to offer the following to you and this community.

Being held guilty of sin and needing a savior like Jesus or a way out hinges on one thing entirely - Free Will. But I will demonstrate that in this life that we are currently entombed in there is no free will whatsoever. We are not making even one decision on our own. It was all orchestrated before we set foot in the human experience. There is only predestination. And that destination is the same for all of us according to the Bible - "Death is the destiny of every man the living should take this to heart." Sound absurd? Read on.

First thing is first. The Bible makes an outrageous claim in the book of Ecclesiastes when it states "There is nothing new under the sun. What is, has been before." If you take the Bible literally or even figuratively the implications of these two statements are amazing. Why? Because if all that is has been before then your entire future existed in the past!!! And I would add that it existed in your previous life. Sound crazy? Listen to this explanation:

Can you read a book before it is written? No. Can you watch a movie before it is filmed? No. Can you experience life before it was created? No. So, the experience was created first in the past and then we experience it in the present. It was written first long ago by us and then we got to experience it. Hold that thought and as it suddenly sheds new light on John 1 which reads:

"In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning."

And now this verse from Jude 1

"For men who condemnation was written about long ago (In the past) have secretly slipped in among you (in the present). These are the ones who divide you."

The Word came first and then the experience. Okay so what does this mean? What does it imply? You have heard the notion that some say when we die or experience death our entire life flashes before us. Well if death is the destiny of every man than that is exactly what is happening to us all throughout our lives especially when we don't have free will here and now and our mere observers watching our lives flash before us like sitting passively in a movie theater where the movie could suddenly come to an end without any warning whatsoever. Let me show you quickly that that is indeed the case and then close with a few more verse that should prove you are not making any decisions in this life unless of course you wake up as Jesus said and break the trance. Salvation then is to be free of the lie or powerful delusion of 2 Thessalonian 2:11 sent by God to those who have no love of the truth.

As you think about all the "scenes" of your life and reflect on the scene you are looking at right now put your hands out in front of you and ask yourself what do all these scenes have in common regardless of the infinite depth you perceive? These scenes are nothing more than a flat image projected to your eyeballs that are as thin as a contact lens. Think of this as what the Bible calls the graven image or exactly what the Bible is referring to when it says we are made "IN" the image of God. An image is flat. Think of this image as to what the Bible calls the flesh. The Bible states that the flesh wars against the spirit and that we are the temple of the living God and the one who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world. 

All that depth and space we perceive is nothing more than a powerful delusion that makes us feel like this world and universe we live in is real. But like virtual reality we have veil pulled over our eyes that blinds us from our past and the truth of who we really are. This veil covered our minds at birth as we are all born in a state of forgetfulness, not remember our past or who we are or where we came from. The Bible calls us to remember the height from which we have fallen. And if it's true what the Bible says in that God knew us before we were born and knit us together in our mothers womb then we clearly were in paradise before we fell into the flesh that the apostle Paul calls the body of death. Well if we are in fact in a body of death then that is probably what the experience of this life is all about. And why the Bible says if you do not wake up or be born again or find a way out you will die in your sin "Missing the mark" and experience the second death which is the death of the soul.

So why am I writing all this. To help us all wake up. Now what do I mean by wake up. In Genesis "God" puts Adam to sleep but here is a seldom caught fact. The Bible makes no mention of waking Adam up. (And the serpent was more crafty or subtle than any other creature the Lord God had created) - Lots more to tell you there but that is for another time.

Anyhow, I think maybe you can see that we are observing our own death in this thing we call life. Here are some verses from the Bible that indicate we are not in control of this life and as such are not guilty of sin:

I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord

To will and to act according to his good purpose

For God has bound all men to disobedience so that he can have mercy on them all

I will put it in their hearts to accomplish these things until all my words are fulfilled

The Word is very near you it is in your mouth and in your heart so you will do it

Does any of that sound like free will. Nope. So I would say of all the guilt, condemnation, scorn, blame, sin, etc. humanity is found not guilty. 

I'll end on this note from New Order: (New Order: All The Way)

It doesn't take a genius
To tell me what I am
Don't lecture me with poetry
And tell me that I can't
I don't remember
What happened yesterday
But I don't give a damn about
What all those people say

It takes years to find the nerve
To be apart from what you've done
To find the truth inside yourself
And not depend on anyone
It takes years to find the nerve
To be apart from what you've done
To find the truth inside yourself
And not depend on anyone

It don't take no Houdini
To tell me what I am
Parasites and literasites
They'd burn me if they can
But I don't give a damn about
What those people say
They pick you up and kick you out
They hurt you every day

It takes years to find the nerve
To be apart from what you've done
To find the truth inside yourself
And not depend on anyone

And that is what salvation means to me!!! Thoughts

Salvation is a much more complicated matter than it seems. It is not only about going to heaven. You should know what kind of heaven you desire. I also believbe in Jesus, and in this reincarnation of mine I believe in Jesus God, not like in my past/former lifes where I only believed in Jesus as human being. The bible is written unclearly about the nature of Jesus so that more people come to believe in him. Instead of telling that Jesus is God. Also the bible does not speak about reincarnation in positive therms. Although God is the logic himself and he is Almighty and the phenomenen is always possible for the Almighty. I was teached about reincarnation from God himself, because I followed the rule of my church to develop my own relationship with God. And He answered me. Reincarnation exists and the bible alone is not enough to think about salvation. Though in modern times it might be enough to keep the commandments, as for many even that seems impossible. God's grace upon all of us. Everybody has to find his own path. And this is only possible not through only a book, God is not a book! God invites you to your own journey with him. And if for a person it is impossible to believe in Jesus than it is God's will,/God made it like this until the day comes where even this person will be enlightened. Just keep asking God yourself. Don't focus only on a bible. 


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