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Do not be limited by this explanation, find your insight.

See the Source in all--in every experience, being, interaction, item, and in you.

As some say, see the face of the Creator in all things*. It is like a diamond, and each of us facets of light reflecting from that diamond. The diamond being indestructible and constant, and the facets of light ever changing and temporary.

Because we are all connected by the Source, you will often hear "we are all One" and "we are all connected". We are all the imagination and manifestation of an underlying will, a force detected by what we sense and experience. Reflectively we also imagine and create, a microcosm of the very thing we blossomed from.

The eternal flame is found in the heart chakra, your spirit or divine flicker resides there. I differentiate spirit and soul, the soul found elsewhere. As I've learned, humans have a direct connection to the Source. Getting in tune starts there.

All energy is love at its "core". It is the creational energy that resonates through all beings and things. It is what we seek through all our endeavors in life, and is interpreted into desires, passions, and things we like. The physical realm vibrates at lower levels than love energy, which to us is perceived as something completely different. It is a mask, all things are love energy. However the duality/illusion is only sensing the dense layers we are accustomed to. Source is love. Being more loving is blending into the very will that created you.

Vastly over simplified, but everyone should dig into it and learn things in their own way.

First Step to tuning into the Divine:

  • Feel love for all. For yourself, for your immediate surroundings, and anyone you interacted with. Jump start it any way you can, through memories or experiences, or remember someone you care deeply and selflessly for. Feel love for the Source.
  • If someone you dislike pops into mind randomly, love him/her too. If you can't (tsk tsk!), fake it till you make it happen. Don't think about why you should or shouldn't love someone, just love. Don't criticize as you do it, just love.
  • Once you are feeling love, enhance that feeling and let it spread through your entire body as though you are sinking into it. Let your body vibrate with love.
  • Feel yourself surrounded by love from your environment also. Let all the space around you vibrate to love. This is important.
  • Feel the external vibrations of love around you, and the internal vibrations of love filling your entire form with warmth.
  • Open your 3rd eye.
  • Push all of that emotion and love right into the heart chakra. Feel your chest bursting with love, life, glowing from within. If it helps, envision and feel your heart chakra open in an emerald green light, then allow the love to burst forth.
  • Let the heart chakra open, feel the energy swirling like a whirl pool there.
  • If you feel pains, aches, suddenly get interrupted or distracted, or feel pangs of fear, you may have blockages that you need to heal there before moving forward. Love energy will never hurt you, it will always help and heal you.
  • Once your chest is vibrating full of love, with heart chakra "whirling" and all, then move your chi energy up from your stomach to your heart, then up to the crown chakra on top of your head.
  • Let the crown chakra open like a lotus, and allow Source to connect to you. Connect to the entire universe (everything around you, above, ethereal space, etc.).
  • Drop your chi energy from your stomach into the ground, and allow the Earth to connect to you. Connect, again, to the universe (but this time, the manifest version you can see, i.e. stars, the sun..)
  • You may feel warmth at your root chakra, you may feel like cool flames are sitting on the top of your head. There will be many weird sensations and experiences.
  • Once you are confident you are connected, ask the Source through your heart to close these gates and keep you safe from being attacked.
  • Breathe deeply, and see everything closing up (except the heart chakra).

*A personal preference - We are all part of Source, the divine All, or Creator, but we are not the Source as individuals. I differentiate between the unmanifest womb (the Creator), and the other are its creations. I would never say "I am the Creator". I say I am one with the Creator.


All my lessons will be short & sweet.

Here is the whole curriculumPlease leave comments and questions below. Start Discussions and share your experiences.

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