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In the Book of Matthew 1:17, it states:

"So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon into Christ are fourteen generations."

What, do you suppose is the significance of that, as milestones through generations? I have not dove very deep into numerology or gematria yet. I am spinning enough plates as is, right now. But perhaps someone else can lend insight who IS spinning that plate in their regular studies. Maybe another board for numerology, etc. would also be a decent place to ask this.

As an aside, this lineage also seems to traced through Joseph, not Mary. Thoughts on that would also be interesting.

Many thanks. God bless & get this place active again!

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 Hello D. I have just joined and was interested in this question. I am not an expert on numerology and the Hebrew alphabet, but I will have a go. If you are interested in Esoteric Christianity, then you should realise there is a complete inner story on which an outer parable is built, i.e. the usual interpretation of someone nailed up on a couple of pieces of wood. Unfortunately orthodox Christians will not like what I write. The inner story is the transfiguration of Joseph. Some of the characters are actually new aspects born into the consciousness of Joseph etc. The numbers are usually symbolic. 14 apparently means deliverance or salvation. 1 or 10 in the Hebrew alphabet symbolises God or the unity of God. 4 can mean a door. Add 1 and 4 to get 5. The fifth letter symbolises the gift of life. Thus we might be led to the door of Paradise with the help of God and given eternal life. If you look up "5 Trees" in the Gospel of Thomas or elsewhere, this might interest you (5 Trees in Paradise). A thousand years later or thereabouts, the 5 petal wild rose came into the picture and was incorporated into the story (Rose Cross). The idea is to have the "Jesus" aspect or power born inside yourself. Mary, the wife of Joseph before incarnation was not an incarnated being in the usual sense, but came to help Joseph in the transfiguration process, in a higher form of body. Her actions resulted in the birth of the Jesus power in Joseph. Obviously not a normal "conception". Since Joseph was the one incarnated here, he would be the one mentioned in the lineage.


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