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In light of the re-newed interest of the "Star Wars" series because of the release of the 2014 "Star Wars" video game:

There is no doubt that George Lucas & others involved in the production of the "Star Wars" saga were more than just familiar with at least the general religion of the ancient Nile Valley, Egypt in particular.

Here are a few examples of their familiarity:

The story of the the JEDI is the story of the DJEDI. Luke Skywalker is the same drama as Heru (Horus), 'ancient Egypt's' skywalking falcon which is the symbol of light & truth. In the ancient teachings, the word DJEDI means "one who speaks" as well as "one who is stable".........what's also interesting is that in the glyphs, the actual sound "DJEDI (also spelled Tchetti) is one of the main titles of Ausar (Osiris) father of Heru.

The word DJEDI defines a man/woman whose wisdom grants them stability through the power of righteous speech. There is the possibility of the true nature of the skywalker in all of is. We each have the possibility to be a DJEDI by maintaining contact with the FORCE or 'Higher Powers'.

Another strong example:

The Djedi master Yoda constantly says....."do not follow the path of Fear, Anger or Aggression for these are the negative side & they will dominate your destiny"........In the Book of Coming Forth ("Book of the Dead"), we learn of the struggle between Heru & his twin brother Seth (Heru's negative side). Seth had stolen power & proclaimed himself Emperor, but Heru wanted to take his rightful place as the Djedi of ancient Egypt (upholder of the right & truth). The negative side put obstacles in Heru's path at every turn. He could not destroy the negative side by his aggression, anger & fear...........It was only when Heru followed the guidance of the Word that he won the submission of the negative side.

This means positive (Heru) & negative (Seth) were brought together in harmony, each playing its proper role, just as night submits to the light of day........Keep in mind that in the teachings, the Djed as a physical pillar symbolizes the 2 currents based in the spinal column. The duality in this column or not harmonizing these 2 currents is the cause of our terrestrial continuity (successive 'reincarnations' or recurrences).

It’s also interesting how a phrase like “May The Force Be With You”, has been so trivialized, when in actuality it is a prayerful-reminder for us to not only to remember & sustain our connection with the Force/”Higher Powers”, but also a reminder to attend to ‘Presence‘………or as Christ said “watch“, “sleep not”……..& Buddha said “don’t identify”………& so on & so on & Scooby Dooby Doooooby~!

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Very nice.  And we again see the tremendous influence that consultations with Joseph Campbell had on Lucas, the original story line, and the scripts.

"Reincarnations or recurrences", exactly! :)


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