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I have been trying off and on for decades to have a complete OBE.
The Robert Peterson book helped me and some of Munroes advise. All that eventually happens is me getting to the point where it feel like I am vibrating at a great rate with what sounds like the sea roaring in my ears and then feeling like I am leaving my body only to be jolted back. It has been suggested that I am too fearful to let go or that I cannot relax enough to finally leave.
Any help would be appreciated.

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also trying but with no success. still havent got to the vibrational stage yet. will check out the peterson book if you think it helps!
Have you tried Binaural beats and isochronic tones???
I am now trying again with the binaural beats. Sure helps me relax.
I don't know if this should be classified as "advice", because I am not an accomplished a.p.-er. I too, more often than not, get to the point you get to and just stall out". However, once it happened to me suddenly, after briefly getting up in the night to let the cat out. I was so sleepy that I never woke up all the way, and just let the cat out sort of on "automatic pilot". As soon as I lay back down, I immediately was conscious of standing beside the bed, looking at myself. My face was a bit squnched up as often happens when you lie on your side with one side of your face on the pillow, and seeing myself like that was rather startling because I looked older and more wrinkly than my own mental image of myself, and it literally startled me back into my body and to unconscious sleep. LOL

After thinking about that whole incident, I realized that maybe I was so focused on myself and what was happening in the process of astrally projecting that it was causing an inhibition and derailing the process. I haven't had time/quiet/solitude to really put this theory to the test in any proper way, so I can't say for sure if it holds water, but it seems reasonable.

My goal is to (try) let go more when I start to feel those high vibrations, the way one just lets go and eases into sleep. One doesn't lay there and think, "OK, now I'm drifting off to sleep" and try to observe the process of going to sleep. One just does it. It just happens. Instead of thinking about what I'm doing, I think I will try to have a person or place in mind that I would like to visit, the way I do sometimes when I am drifting off to sleep. Or perhaps I will just try to fee a lovely feeling, or the desire to immerse myself in the ocean of love and mercy. Hopefully see which works best.

Anyway, hope these thoughts are helpful.
Thanks for the replies.
It used to scare the you know what out of me when I was young and thought I was dying or something.
Lucid dreaming I've done many times but AP usually starts all by itself without any real effort just when I am almost asleep and ends with a jolt.
Now I just want to explore and completely get over the fear and anxiety.
I will try and not be so involved at what I am doing and just do it!
Yes, this sounds like a relaxation or possibly a fear issue. Be sure not to have any caffeinated products within several hours of bedtime, and might try a dream herb such as Calea Z. or Mugwort in a tea, and perhaps together in a small canvas tea bag as a dream pillow.

As far as the fear, rest assured you do it every night with no problems whatsoever, its just that you won't have any consciousness involved unless you keep it alive during the OBE.

Emotions are pulling the astral body back into the physical.
'A person that cannot control his emotions would never be able to astral project at will - Sylvan Muldoon

Read Sylvan Muldoon and Heward Carrington's book. It is the one and only book that provides a complete explanation of the phenomena, as well as how to induce it at will.
Robert Monroe is a bit overrated on the subject, in my opinion.
Also working on awareness helps a lot.
Rememder that AP is related to sleep. You might actually consiously AP and then pass into a dream and then forget that u AP'ed in the first place.

Have U tried mantras or visualizing places to go?

Thanks for your help,
I will look into Sylvan Muldoon.
Have not tried mantras but have tried visualizing.
I am sure I have AP'ed many times but cannot remember clearly. I have dreamed of flying on a regular basis most of my life and have had wonderful flights over mountains. cities and other landscapes.
nevertheless I want to fully aware through the whole process before I say for sure.

Good Day,

Two things I'd like to offer as perspectives.

1. How the mind is engaged in the processing of information can either help or hinder the process.

 What I mean by this is that the process of "letting go" has less to do with fear, and more to do with the *conscious* mental level of thought processing. Simply put, one can not be *in* a state of consciousness AND subconscious simultaneously if the state of conscious awareness is dominating and hope to project astrally.

2. Overly analyzing the process hinders the experience.

 What I mean by this is to stop "thinking" and start *experiencing*. Simply put, a baby does not speak "language" as it is most commonly understood until it has *unlearned* how to simply *experience* through means of communication. Communicating thought without linear language processes by simply allowing yourself to *experience* through as many senses as you can engage! Start with the five senses you've got and then *communicate through experiencing* in order to let go of the conscious *thought/language* processes; which actually keep you locked into being "body" conscious instead of *experiencing* the "astral" realm of consciousness. 

Hopes this helps someone.


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