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The 6th (element 1x2x3=6) Carbon has an empirical atomic radius = 60 !!! (experimental 67), a covalent single bond radius of 77 and a triple covalent of 60 ! Measured in picometers (ten to the minus 12 metres).

It has 6 protons (+ve), 6 electrons (-ve) and 6 neutrons (neutral). The electrons are arranged in a 2,2,2 format (1S shell, 2S shell and 2P shell) It is TETRAvalent (up to 4 electrons can bond) and therefore can create both tetrahedral structure and hexagonal forms. It can form bond angles of 180,120 and 60  degrees with itself and adjacent atoms

Its atomic mass is primarily AM12 (6x2)

A human is a carbon-based life form.

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