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The Cosmic Octave -(active links)

In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist discovered the natural law of the "Cosmic Octave" as the link between different kinds of perodically occurring natural phenomena, such as the orbit of the planets, the weather, colors, rhythms and tones.

The Planetary Frequencies

The following pages contain the script of the booklet "The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks" by Hans Cousto. The frequencies of Earth, Moon, the planets and Sun and their corresponding tones, tempos, colors, chakras and effects are described:



   effects (keywords)

Earth-day 194.18 dynamic, vitalizing
Earth-year 136.10 relaxing, soothing, balancing
Platonic Year 172.06 cheerfulness, clarity of spirit
210.42 erotic communication, sexual energy
Sun 126.22 feeling of centering and magic
Mercury 141.27 intellectual communication
Venus 221.23 higher love energy, aspiration for harmony
Mars 144.72 strenght of will and fucused energy
Jupiter 183.58 creative power and continous construction
Saturn 147.85 concentration, becoming conscious
Uranus 207.36 power of surprise and renewal
Neptun 211.44 intuition, dream experience
Pluto 140.25 magic group dynamic
OTHER TONES: Sideric Earth-day, Moon culmination, Sideric Moon, Metonic cycle, Saros´ period, Moon knot, Apsidis rotation
Table of the planets, sounds, colors and meters
Table of the 7 Chakras

Free Downoad: The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks
The complete content of the booklet as PDF-file

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This is the forum I was looking for, Sunmover, to feature the Lucid Collective channel. Will also post to Taoism, as I came about these frequencies thanks to Master Mantak Chia. He teaches us to vibrate our organs with the cosmos, and since each organ is linked to a planet, we heard a few of these tunings. (Including the sun, same exact Hz as here.) But only briefly. Lucid Collective - Anthony Sommers- references Causto and offers the purest digital extractions I've found so far. And most are for an hour. He has videos like this for theta, alpha, and other meridian tunings as well. This one is the Frequency of Venus - 221.23 Hz. Thank you, and very good to have renewed access to your EO collection!


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