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Greetings fraters and sorors:

I would like to share and draw thoughts about the four cabalistic worlds and the four levels of interpretation as it pertains to interpreting the bible. As you know there four worlds: Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah, and Atziluth. Along with this in the study of the torah, you see the levels: peshat, remez, midrash, and sod. It is my conjecture that the two concepts can be used to not only read esoteric books like the bible, but also things like tarot cards.

The true name that connects the two concepts is the Tetragrammaton. The one way that the four worlds and the interpretation levels come together is through this name. This is due to the theoretical framework on the qabalistic tree of life.

The idea for reading the tarot cards using the four levels of interpretation has come from me using the Hermetic deck. I have found many astrological symbols on the cards that indicate communication between the cards. For example, consider the air element symbol on the Fool and the Air symbol on the Magician.

The magician has all four elements shown on the card while the Fool have only the air symbol shown. The analysis of what this means is what I am trying to communicate.

These two cards are showing the first part of the journey of the Fool to become a magician. I take it that some would disagree or that it could be more to the story. 

Another example is the Venus symbol on the Fool and the Empress Card. One could say that this correlates to the 4th sephiroth (Netzach). In some kabbalistic trees of life, the letter daleth connects the tifereth and daat sefirots. Which further correlates the tree of life to the four levels of interpretation and the four worlds.

What do you think?

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