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What does this symbol mean? Specifically the shapes it is made up of, and how they correlate. Do they individually have the same meaning Pythagoras would of said they would? Or is Pythagoras even relevant here? 

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represents a synthesis of the thesis and the anti thesis.  the union of male and female, the active and passive,  sol et luna  , the square is physical, the circle is spiritual

Only he who knows how to make the Philosopher’s Stone, understands what they say concerning the Stone.

I personally have studied these shapes and Dr. John Dee was reportedly in possession of the stone at the time of these glyphs. however why not a map overlay, that has always been a thought because Mr. flemmel's stone was not only about obtaining gold from lead but also obtaining the precious from the common, think of a more socially based alchemy in turning people into gold (coins).

John Dee was a court magician and ultimately the father of espionage, after his run-in with Rudolph of the holy roman empire... who undoubtedly had the same idea as queen Elizabeth for whom Dee was spying for. this leads two people into believing the magic of a spy, and that's like asking the Romani for un-cursed jewels. so to be honest with you, yes that monolith was just that, not a stone (perhaps at one time) but it was a way of working around the mind catalogues of that time (if I am able to propose that jargon) and "paging" through the city using elemental (code) symbology to identify connections in the separate humilities of people (one must remember that Briggs-Jung tests were not even A FIGMENT yet and most worked off of the humilities of Greek discovery. Pythagoras always has play and in this case has two connections, Actual alchemy and the holy roman empire however the play is subtle and left to chance so it may be best to formulate two opinions, one with py and one without

the main portions of this graph are to be used in order of element/humility then place/order and left to interpretation it would seem as totally anthropological in nature but must have practical application otherwise it is not this legend of old passed on to show a path to the initiated (or at the time of its fruition), to dilute my incessant babbling above


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