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What did i felt yesterday?

the Self watching the Ego.

so distant, as the Self was watching consciously what the Ego looks like after all those years

what has become, how it is structured, how it works and where it wants to go...

No emotions were involved

no feelings but surprise

the surprise of consciously watching something that has always been there, or maybe not always, but definitely it is here now, in this form, in this way.

No emotions

Ego has emotions, Self does not have emotions, just Love.

Love as part of everything, Love as fuel of everything, infinite, constant like the speed of light, like the Sun

not as the sun of our solar system but the Sun of the infinite creation. 

So what's next?

Here it is the Ego talking again

The mind

The mind that lies

But what's next?

Moulting like a Scorpion

Breaking out the layers of the Ego

As Nature teaches us, the stages of purification are 7

Distill 7 times

who knows at what stage I am at

Acceptance and Awakening

Must be the first

So what's next?

No rush my friend, be confident, observe, stay present, keep doing what you are doing in this life with a refined watchful behaviour.

No hunger, no feelings of possession, no dramas

but love, happiness, surprise, joy

Need to dance, need for movement, need of observation and admiring the whole, need of loving unconditionally. 

The revelation and the understanding of the transmutation, the universe (we) as part of this infinite process that goes on cycles.

Energy from someone (somewhere) that feeds the energy of someone and so on...

Alchemy will teach me how to love this and glorify the whole

I am not mastering the concepts yet but I feel them

As a Lion eats the rabbit, as the rabbit eats the carrot, as the carrot adsorb the minerals, as the minerals are also made by the death of the Lion and again...

Until the death of everything and the birth of a new Universe

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