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I'm a music maker, for those who don't know, and I try to broaden what is available to us in terms of "natural music". I've hypothesized that since all life is based on cycles, and these cycles have 'frequencies' of occurrence, that they can be tuned down a few dimensions or octaves and be heard as sound. It all started with color/light but that's another topic.

This is Astrology music! (in theory) You can check out my first release of the attempt here on soundcloud: Zeus and Apollo in Conjunct. It's an Isochronic SONG!

But this is a new advance for me and I'm trying desperately to translate the dynamics of the cosmos through sound. So the above audio is only my first impression, albeit not even trying to translate the aspect of it, yet it has had noticeable positive effects on me.

If you care to speculate the construction then I shall divulge my "secret" ;)

The specs are: J-183.58 F#, S-126.22 C, Iso at 1.45. Jupiter and the Sun's, respectively, frequency of orbit. The tones are separate but each are "ring modulated" (still not sure what it means) by the frequency of Jupiter/Sun=1.45blahblahblah Hz.

But if you would like to help me figure out how to make this music most fundamentaly effective and even to synthesize such energies that the heavens give us then please PLEASE I invite you to storm the collective conscience with I :D

It'll be fun to learn these things and cool to see what you can come up with!

Here's a list of the frequencies from the link above. Some starter thinking: if i have two of these tones together and ISO'd them, how would I figure out which pulse frequency would be best. And should each tone have it's own ISO or should they share?

And now that I think about it, the ISO isn't at 100% it's only at 75% which is a perfect half on half off per cycle. Which is what Isochronic tones are based on. Yet at 100% it's really crazy compared to 75. So I now think that 100 might be an OPPOSITION in Astro and 0% would be a conjunction (which is why I asked the above question). And maybe... 75 could be a sextile? PLEASE GIMME YOUR THOUGHTS! 

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hey i like ur concept and took a minute to listen to Ur song on sound cloud and think its a great start, very meditative sounding keep it up. its gotta be hard only using the two tones but maybe if u started with all of the planets + sun and maby moons frequency you could make a more complex melody idk just a suggestion but like i said i enjoy ur idea and think it could really be something 

awesome! I often use brainwave entrainment (binaural/ isochronic beats so on so forth) for anxiety or meditation if I am hyper and trying to settle down before I sit. I'll for sure keep you posted if I think of something! 


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