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So, I had a revelation recently. I had seen some videos of the Lunar Wave and had done my share of digging on the Moon. Anyways, I am certain the Moon is an artificial satellite much like Saturn and its moons.

For those of you who don't know the Lunar Wave is a real phenomena that is captured by people all over the world. You can view it here

The outside is clearly a hologram. Interesting enough much of the esoteric info on the Moon is centered around the nature of Illusion. I believe it keeps us in a short-term vicious cycle. Back when I was a heroin addict I remember making the decision to quit. I would then go to bed and upon waking up it was like nothing happened. All the old feelings were there, and it was back to square one.

This is incredibly difficult to put into words, but I believe the Moon is responsible for much of the bad decisions and mistakes we make over and over and over again.

I believe it retards progress to some effect.

It is already well known all over the world that it has an effect on animals and people. The closer it is the more intense these effects are. Hence, you have crazy stuff happening on super moons. The Full Moon has been linked to suicide, mental illness, disasters, crime, accidents and even werewolves. Of course the establishment says this cannot be proven, but I am willing to bet they are well aware of its effects on people and that they are covering for someone or something.

The words “lunacy” and “lunatic” are derived from the same Latin root that gives us the word “lunar,” as people attributed insanity and mental illness to the phases of the moon.

A list of some known effects:

-the homicide rate
-traffic accidents
-crisis calls to police or fire stations
-domestic violence
-births of babies
-major disasters
-casino payout rates
-aggression by professional hockey players
-violence in prisons
-psychiatric admissions
-agitated behavior by nursing home residents
-gunshot wounds
-emergency room admissions
-behavioral outbursts of psychologically challenged rural adults
-sleep walking

I believe it is an Archon Soul Matrix.

The unseen side is home to a soul recycling center. Much of the Esoteric is centered around ways to escape this soul matrix. There is a frequency based web around the earth in the 4th and 5th dimensions. This they call the False Ascension Matrix. Many people follow the white light or see there "loved ones" welcoming them, only to follow them and reincarnate back on earth with no memory of previous lives. It is the ultimate form of slavery. The Matrix is not perfect, there are some holes in the web. This is why in Alchemy the more pure a soul happens to be, the finer the density degree. The Matrix is best described by the black and white sacred mirrors of the Occult.


The Pink Floyd album The Darkside of the Moon is not about Syd Barrett. The songs on that album give you a pretty good idea at what kind of effects the Moon has.

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