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ON MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE and a verse from Book of Formation

Any report on mystical experience is not at all a scientific one. It's more like a story of events happening in one's soul. The nature of it is not necessarely logical one, and it does not follow a strict argumentation. It doesn't point to an existing state of affairs, but to one's experience in mind, to a state of experience of something ineffable. So, a mystic doesn't point to this something ineffable (transcendental reality, God, ...) but to his own experience in soul of that something. He reports on his experience, the inner state of himself; he is at same time the subject and the author of his writing. Only he knows the subject of his reporting – he produces that on what he reports.

So, for a mystic the most important thing is his inner experience, not the way of reporting on it. The experience should be intensive and authentic, if not so then the report is of little value. And what's more, the mystic coud invent a false report, a nice but inauthentic story of a non-existing experience.

Let's take as example erotic experience.

In natural life of everybody people it is an excitement in physical body and a desire in mind. In ascetic life there takes place a sublimation of desire to something more spiritual and an elevating of sexual energy to finer levels of energy in body. In mystical life one tries to reach the transcedental level of erotic thrill, that is, one tries to experience the erotic excitement as it is possibly lived by God. In order to reach this highest level a mystic has to ascent in different levels of body through all the levels of kabbalistic worlds (Assiya, Yetzirah, Beriah, Atzilut). Let us consider this climbing in more detail:

  1. Physical body in Assiya world:

To all people is known the erotic excitement (like a kind of thrill) and they all do the same habitual things guided by stereotypes created by mass media, literature, movies, language of street, etc.

  1. Eidetic body in Yetzirah world:

The soul Ruach watches in itself pure forms of sexual life which means: the erotic life occurs as immaginative life outside of real, organic boy.

  1. 3.     The body of power in Beriah world:

That body feels the movements of sexual energy which is the power of any erotic excitement. The soul Neshama places it in a frame of morality: it thinks what is to be done in accordance with ethical values (virtues).

  1. The body of speech in Atzilut world:

What does God say about sexuality and how it has beeen pronounced in His speech?

At first the sexual thrill is a „thrill“ pronounced in God's language. One can not know what are the words that precede the creation of sexual desire, a mystic only can have an experience of it. The report of mystic on his own experience has the character we have tried to show in the beginning of this article. The mystic has to climb to level of world Atzilut where he could possibly hear, in his body of speech, what are God's words for a sexual thrill. Actually  we find a suggestion on that topic in famous book Sefer Yetzirah which tries to match the hebrew letters and the parts of human body?

S.Y. Ch V, verse 9:

 „He made the letter Lamed ( ל) king over coition /sexual act/

And He boundd a crown to it
And He combined one with another...“

                                                               (Translation: Aryeh Kaplan, Sefer Yetzirah. p. 217)

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Very insightful. thanks a lot for sharing


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