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IMAGINE a world without words. You can't read. You can't write. You can't speak. You can't know anything. You can't understand anything. You can't even form a simple thought. And because of that you can't learn to walk. In fact you can't learn anything. Life would be completely void of meaning whatsoever if it was even possible.
My point is simple: There is something within us all that is our common ground that no human being on the planet can deny the existence of. That something is the life force of all humanity: THE WORD! Call it God. Call it whatever you want for apart from it we would more than likely cease to exist.
We speak the word. We write the word. We read the word. We hear the word. But where does the word come from? within us right? But where within us? The mind...the temple of the word. 
And who in the Bible according to John 1 is the word? Jesus Christ right? And the word said, "Apart from me you can do nothing" So if that is the case and I would say that's true, why would anyone need to accept Jesus Christ or the word into their heart at some point and time in their life when he's been with us all along? 
Think about it

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Hey Anton,

I agree to imagine existence without the word is almost unimaginable as we couldn't even have this conversation without them or form the thoughts needed to explain what a word even is. I know we all just throw the word around in our speech, in our writing, in our thoughts without really taking the time to clearly define what it is we are all interacting with. 

But let me do my best to articulate what the word is and how it relates to all things. I'm not very good at this so bear with me. 

On the surface a word is a combination of letters that create meaning of our existence. Words help us understand what we see and experience in this life. They also are the creative force inherent in us all. I suppose that is why John 1 says, "Through the word all things were made. Without the word nothing was made that has been made." In other words it is impossible to create anything without the word.

It should be clear that the word is very near us. In fact we are so infused with it that we may as well be inseparable from it. The word dwells within us in our minds. So hold that thought :) John 1 says the word was WITH GOD and WAS GOD. Later in the book of John it says God, or the word, is spirit. Genesis says we are made in the image of God. So lets put this together. We are inseparable from the word which is God and the word is spirit that dwells in us and we are made in the image of God. What is left of us but God?!

Psalms 82:6 seems to fit
"I said ye are gods, Sons and Daughters of the most high"

The Bible speaks of the Mystery of God, the mystery of Christ and the mystery of the gospel. I think what it all boils down to is collectively speaking we are God and individually we are gods. Before I continue let me put it like this:

Every human being to me is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. We have our own shape to us and image imprinted on us from day one of our lives as indicated by our fingerprint. To each one of us truth is relative based on our own unique perspectives and experiences. And this is why there is so much controversy surrounding the truth because all our perspectives and experiences are different and we all have a unique place in this giant jigsaw puzzle that no one else can fill but us. Collectively speaking when we all honor our unique place in all this absolute truth will be found. 

Can you read a book before it is written? Can you watch a movie before it is filmed? Or how about live your life before it was created? The answer to all of these questions is no if you really think about it. The experience must be created first and then we experience it in the case of a book, a movie and our lives. And if you really think deeply enough you will notice the word comes before any experience as thought. And that is why it says "In the beginning was the word." The word precedes everything.

Lots more I could say but this post is already borderline ridiculously long. Sorry.

Thinking  [in text].....vs. Thinging [in images], ....or 'feeling' in impressions

the letter of the word is dead without the spirit the words were designed to contain.


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