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This is an excerpt from a conversation I had with someone in an online chat.

we are ALL beings of light...but we only understand what light truly is when

we see it in others...
IFettsie: and so it is your job to shine..
IFettsie: so that others may as well
IFettsie: don't "tell them"..simply judgement..and inevitably they

pick up your frequency..they can't help it..its physics
IFettsie: its known as sympathetic vibration
IFettsie: most basic example for a visual...
Fyrestorm: I have come to the conclusion that the reason I attract so many

assholes in relationships is because I may not be the goodness and light that

others think they see. It dawned on my last night how truly evil I am.
IFettsie: take a bass speaker..and crank it..
IFettsie: point it at water
IFettsie: and watch the water
Fyrestorm: It ripples.
IFettsie: thats sympathetic vibration..
IFettsie: and we do that with our manifested energy..
IFettsie: and as far as attracting "assholes"..
IFettsie: like attracts like..
IFettsie: but understand..
IFettsie: they may be offensive and self involved..
IFettsie: but truly what they are is deeply hurting
IFettsie: and that is where you attract them..
IFettsie: not evilness
IFettsie: but rather the circle you run with your own self doubt
IFettsie: they sense it and know it..
IFettsie: so they gather
IFettsie: and shit just gets worse
IFettsie: yours is to rise as a phoenix amidst it all
IFettsie: and not to allow them to dim your light
IFettsie: and the best way to do that is listening
IFettsie: not coddling
IFettsie: not playing into what is ultimatly petty bullshit (and you see

exactly how petty once you have visited the multiverse)
Fyrestorm: I use the phrase "It's alright" all too frequently.
IFettsie: its not alright...and we are dying because we re-assure ourselves of

that as we go about our lives being a collective of hateful, fearful,

judgmental human beings..
IFettsie: we don't understand that we are a collective however..
IFettsie: because fear isolates
IFettsie: when you have beings of light setting everyones vibration at a

higher level..
IFettsie: then ppl see that they are indeed connected
IFettsie: and through that process and that process alone will we see

ourselves truly transform into the living manifestation of energy that we are
IFettsie: I have had enough of a flawed system telling me what to do
IFettsie: I will bear them no longer
IFettsie: I am a creature of love and compassion..
IFettsie: I will "write my rules" and guide myself based on that template

IFettsie: I think you are a drama queen at times..
IFettsie: so then I have to really think..
IFettsie: we are all children of the same multiverse..
IFettsie: yes..I have that in common with her..I too ama drama queen at times
IFettsie: that doesn't mean I should bear listening to you..or feel like I am

doing you wrong for ignoring it..
IFettsie: it simply means I cannot judge..and I should simply not engage the

behavior..its unproductive
IFettsie: easy to say
IFettsie: hard to do
IFettsie: we have been taught as a culture that bad is good..that expressing

all the bad you feel a good thing..
IFettsie: its not
IFettsie: express your love
IFettsie: and the most loving thing you can do is to allow everyone to be as

they need to be at any given moment
Fyrestorm: I've expressed love over and over only to repeatedly get overlooked

and tossed aside.
IFettsie: simply be a living buddha and be an example that does not speak
IFettsie: it doesn't get overlooked may not get the response your

ego requires to validate your effort..
IFettsie: but it is never overlooked
IFettsie: remember..your ego is playing the stage..keep it in is

responsible for your own downfall
IFettsie: if we did not have ego..we would not have self doubt
IFettsie: we would be unified energy
IFettsie: not saying leave ego behind
IFettsie: just be aware of its tricks..
IFettsie: to bring ego into a balance with love..
IFettsie: that is our is the next level of our spiritual growth as a species
IFettsie: as lightbeings we started as love..
IFettsie: then we became individuals..
IFettsie: and so felt alone
IFettsie: and generated doubt..fear..anger..hate
IFettsie: now is the time to understand that we are truly surounded by freinds

of our own nature..and that we need not feel alone
IFettsie: once we can achieve that..
IFettsie: we can be the individuals we are..
IFettsie: as well as have the energy of us as a whole to draw on to shape the multiverse around us
IFettsie: our hate and fear is all that stands in the way of our assenscion to becoming interdimensional gods
IFettsie: we are such powerful creatures
IFettsie: and most of it is untapped
IFettsie: but..when I say things like that..
IFettsie: ppl get freaked out ..
IFettsie: (did he say gods?)...
IFettsie: that must be wrong..cause we are "unworthy"..we are "the lowly ones"
IFettsie: that is all fear and hate speaking
IFettsie: remember that "god" is a relative term
IFettsie: the ant I was looking at may look at me as god
IFettsie: his world is much smaller than mine
IFettsie: but remember..
IFettsie: no matter the size..small or large..
IFettsie: matter is all the same size when you get right down to it
IFettsie: an ant has the same size tachyons as I do
IFettsie: its all in the ego and how you perceive your relationship with the multiverse around us
IFettsie: to be truly godlike however (I think)) requires benevolence..
IFettsie: once we can love unconditionally...then we can celebrate ourselves and each other
IFettsie: and then we shall play amongst the stars
IFettsie: the first job you have though
IFettsie: is to fix yourself
IFettsie: not serve others
IFettsie: you cannot help if you are not whole
IFettsie: you are simply feeding the empty hole within by saying "I'm good cause I help ppl"..
IFettsie: but..
IFettsie: where does that leave you when you are alone?
IFettsie: still hurt

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