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Thoth Rejuvenation Meditation. North and South Poles

I've recently been experimenting with a rejuvenation meditation from the teachings of Thoth.
They state each day to lie one hour with the Head to the north, whilst meditating on the top half of the body, from the Heart up, and then one hour with the feet to the North whilst meditating on the lower half of the body, from the heart down.
I would be curious to chat with anyone else who has tried or is familiar with this practice.
My main question on it, is, I wonder is one meant to do the two hours in a row, or is it ok to do one hour say North in the morning and one hour say south in the evening?
I know technically we can do whatever we like! Lol!
But, I'm curious as to how the original teaching was meant. If anyone has any clues to share, that'd be great!
Cheers, Dee

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Cheers for your response. So you read the "Once in each 7" as in 7am and 7pm on the Clock. Interesting! I read that as; 'Once a day!' -That's assuming they had a "7 day week' back then! lol!

So yeah, I read it as "1 hour north, 1 hour south, once every day of the week' I just couldn't see any hint of if one should just flip around after an hour with the head to the north, and immediately follow with an hour with the head to the south, or if one could do that one later in the day... But now, you've got me thinking did it actually mean 7 as in the hour of the day? All good food for thought, or should I say Thoth! :)

Good point re, meditation from the root Chakra down for a change! Not that I'm an expert! Just sort of dabbling really... I will continue to dabble some more, with your feedback in mind! I'm not sure I'm up to the 7am one though! My Sleep pattern isn't the best either! lol! but, I guess one hour each way, at different times of the day seems more do-able! I'm not sure I'd be up for doing 2 hours in a row!

Cheers again for your reply! All the best! Dee :)


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