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To the Anonym censor admin at the EsotericOnline on Facebook:

Hey Esoteric Online Facebook Anonym X - I am quite surprised by your censorship!
After I commented on two article posted on your Facebook page by EO, in which I slightly disagreed with you, I found myself kicked out of EO's and my comments was deleted even though I did not offended any rule.
I am not seeking explanation from you. Your post was open to the public and you accepted comments from everybody else but me. 
  I will not visit your site anymore, if that is what you are wishing for, yet still  wonder if it is the policy of EO? Is that your private page or is assigned only to the respected exclusive members of EO, to where you yourself  invited me by written invitation on my message board.
Seems you are a little bit infected by the political stand of Facebook's liberal ideology or (rather) you are discriminative against other's (my) opinion. That is very one sided point of view  and carries great danger of giving false information away, then finger pointing at those, who dare to call your attention or just answer your exuberant posts.
Sure, you can send your apology to me.
Best to all readers!

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