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I am thinking that we can share with each other our top 3 or so esoteric books on this thread and then from there I can compile a list of the top 20 books that the members of this site think are the best. So, whichever book is listed the most gets the #1 spot and so on....I'll give it a couple of weeks or so to let people post here so that we can get a lot of input. Please only post books that have profoundly impacted your understanding of occult phenomena. Whether they have exercises, theories or both doesn't matter. Just list whatever gave you the biggest insights that you think other people should read.

Your #1 is worth 3 points, #2 is worth 2 points, and #3 is worth 1 point. Whichever book has the most points wins. 

Here is my list

1. Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon

2. The Kybalion by 3 Initiates 

3. Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts - Donald Michael Craig

AND....after a few months of comments, we finally have our winners!!!

And the glory goes to:

1. The Kybalion by 3 Initiates

2. We have a tie! Secret Teachings of all Ages by Manly Palmer Hall and The Chemical Wedding by Christian Rosenkreuz

3. We have a 3 way tie! Initation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche, and All the Channeling Material by Ra in the Law of One.

And lets not forget the others! They all tied for 4th place!


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Fascinating science fiction about time travel...Resonance by Chris Dolley

"The island" - Aldous Huxley

"The Kybalion" - "the three initiates"

"A Treatise on Astrology" - Aleister Crowley

Haven't read much, if any, esoteric literature. But Nietzsche "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" is a great philosophical novel,and could be said to be esoteric as it goes against the main doctrines of his time, and of our time.


1. The Theory of Celestial Influence Roney Collin

2. Leaves of grass walt whitman

1-The Kybalion, The 3 initiates
2-Initiation to Hermetics, Franz Bardon
3-The Secret Teachings of all Ages, Manly P Hall

To have an opinion on what "esoteric"books are the best first we must agree on what "esoteric-ism" means. One meaning of "esoteric" is inner or hidden. I have no question that there is an "inner" knowledge. I beleive it is common to all men at all times. Through out history great beings have struggled to preserve and pass down this knowledge. It has taken many form's and is part of many tradition's. With time most teachings become corrupt and drift from the truth. This is one test of real "esoteric" knowledge. It is true and we can know this Truth for ourselves. There was a book "many path's, one journey" I submit it is not the paty that count's but the shared destination of the journey.

  It is important to know that no book can bring us to a change of consciousness or spiritual awakening. I think this is the shared thread that connects all esoteric teachings. That man has a potential of being a spiritual being. No one way is the best or indeed suitable for all . Their is a test of the true seeker of truth and that is tolerance of others. When you experience intolerance for other's opinion's or beleifes there is no shared purpose and better to move on.


Hey just a heads up I finally compiled the list and determined who received the most votes. The winners are listed in my original post!



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