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I apologize for the picture...I'd rather not retype and I could not copy and paste.

Hi Lizzy,

Initially I would suggest working on sealing your boundaries, particularly in your sacral and base. Protecting your energetic space is important, particularly for an empath. Keeping yourself open to energetic violation is a sub-conscious process in part, hence predominantly rooted in the sacral/base region. Learning how to develop and work with your sacral power further, will help begin to resolve some of this.

There are numerous research areas around these subjects, there is a lot of information which can be sourced from the Rudolf Steiner archives online. As part of our current evolutionary phase, a very painful and awkward but necessary re-balancing of masculine and feminine is underway, this is part of our evolutionary karma. It is most definitely a mind fuck.

We have a lot of corrupt and misused sacral power stored within our bodies. When we experience sexual encounters with entities, often it is a sign that our sacral space is too open, too readily accessible, and that our energy is being easily harvested by incubi and succubi forces. The subject of sexual vampirism is distressing to learn about at times. Best not to focus too much on the mind fuck of it all when delving into this work and instead focus on working with sealing your energetic leaks. Recreational drugs are also important to mention here, as our subtle bodies merge with things during intoxication much in the same way as during sexual encounters, try to avoid substances where possible.

Ultimately it is not an easy thing to resolve, it becomes more about daily lifestyle and personal choices. Its best to try and incorporate the clearing and protection of our energy centers into our daily routine, like brushing our teeth and taking a shower.. energetic cleansing and maintaining good personal hygiene, healthy boundaries, protecting our sacred spaces, these tasks become vital to incorporate into daily life, especially for those of us more open to the psychic realms/connected to the field.

Thank you for your mindful reply Astro. Lots of good information here. I will reply more this evening when I have time. Thanks again! 

M: "When one sees God does one see Him with these eyes?"

MASTER: "God cannot be seen with these physical eves. In the course of spiritual discipline one gets a 'love body', endowed with 'love eves', 'love ears', and so on. One sees God with those 'love eyes'. One hears the voice of God with those 'love ears'. One even gets a sexual organ made of love."

At these words M. burst out laughing. The Master continued, unannoyed, "With this 'love body' the soul communes with God."

M. again became serious.


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