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Well I've always been a heavy dreamer though out my entire life of past present and future.As well as the totally bizarre.So any way a had a really disturbing one today.I dreamt that I was back in Homestead Fl.I was in the house I grew up in.I had an eary gut feeling about a storm that was brewing outside.Wind was picking up and as I looked at the sky I could see small cyclones forming all over the place in the air.I felt this was the sign of a huge storm coming.I heard the sound of a chopper so I went to the back yard to take a look.I saw a black chopper hovering in the air.It kept getting closer and closer as if to land right in my back yard so I hurryed inside.Next thing I know soilders in black uniforms were breaking in my house.They didn't seem intrested in us at all.They had these little black cylinder like devices connected with wires that they were setting up in my house. I was trying to talk to them but they were coldly ignoring me going on about their mission.Almost as if these devices were intended to get a reading of the storm once it hit.So I grabbed one of them and asked them how much time I had to get to somewhere safe.She responded by saying not much.Next they all went back to the chopper and took off.Then I woke up.

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