Esoteric Online

Basics on Energy




Life Energy

Connection between The Mind & Energy:

Mental Control of the Energy Fields of the Body


The Psyche & Energy

Vibration & Emotion

Healing and Happiness

Basics on Bodily Energy:

QiGong & Chi Energy

The QiGong Technique 

Charging Palms for Chi Exercises

Chi Energy in Action

Healing Using Chi

Qigong Master

Electro Magnetic Energy

Formula Basics


Divine Energy:

Love Energy

Positive and Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals:

Christ Consciousness & Quantum Physics

Heart and Electromagnetic Connection

Low Vibration Vs High (love) vibration

Quantum Physics says Frequency is Love

Light Energy

Lifeforce Energy:

Free Energy/Ether:

Orgonne & Vortex




Scientific Background

Click for Information on Physics and Quantum Physics

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