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My mind will do anything to procrastinate when it comes to learning the occult. I want to learn it but when it comes to opening up a book and sitting down and learning, I just don't want to do it! Whenever I open up a book, I maybe read 10 pages, get really bored and tired, and usually fall asleep!

What is going on here?!?

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Thanks for your support Kgl. I don't know how to look at my chart, can you please assist me? And can you also explain "quick learning Mercury was in Rx in Cancer affected by my daily routine?" I am a total noob at astronomy, I only know my own star sign.

Ironically, when someone tells me to do something, I automatically want to do the opposite because I don't like being told what to do, maybe Its part of my Aquarius nature. . So when you say "I am not ready," it actually gives me motivation to prove you wrong haha. 

Makes sense. So many modern occult authors are terrible writers and don't explain things well.

Then perhaps books are not the medium by which you soak in information that resonates with you best, have you tried audio "books" or video? there are many ways to take in this type of information, reading in a sense is just someone else's thoughts that have gone through transubstantiation into written form, and are then transferred back into thought form again in the mind of reader who then applies their own perceptions to it...

In most ancient cultures and civilizations this type of information was passed on through oral tradition in the form of lectures, music, and dance, observations in nature, these to my mind are all different forms of "Reading", the reading we are familiar with is relatively new in the span of Human existence, knowledge was passed on in many different forms before the control mechanism of language came into the fore...and language is not the medium of the esoteric as many may believe, life is, and it can be read like a book for those that are willing to learn how to read it.

"Knowledge isn't power, its just the power switch, wisdom is what determines whether you flip the switch or not"...-Me.

Just my thoughts...



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