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Definition and Meaning
Necromancy definition is the act of conjuring the dead for divination. It involves communicating with and raising dead body as a ghost with some spells and rituals.

It is not the same as conjuring devils or demons for help. Another definition of Necromancy is the seeking of the spirits of the dead by the necromancer.

The spirits are sought because they, being without physical bodies, are no longer limited by the earthly plane. Therefore, these spirits have access to information of the past and future which is not available to the living.

It has helped find sunken or buried treasure. Also to know whether or not a person was murdered or died from other causes.


It dates back to Persia, Greece and Rome (Pompey checked for future battles using spirits) and in the Middle Ages. It was a common practice of magicians, sorcerers, and witches.

In the ancient time in Spain, necromancy was a major discipline. There was teachings with their classroom in mausoleums and commentaries.
The Catholic Church condemned it as “the agency of evil spirits”. And in Elizabethan England he Witchcraft Act of 1604 outlawed it.

Rituals of Necromancy
Necromancy is the most dangerous of all black arts, which involves the communicating with the dead.  This is the apex of all magical art in the world.

It was a term dangerous due to the various risks for the magician. When they summon the spirit and the other devil from under the world. The spirit make a trip, and they are not always happy.
Why do they bother the spirit? Necromancers have various reasons why they do that; some are good while others may be otherwise.

Sometimes the spirit is summoned out of affection. The magician missed loved ones who have died for a very long time. Sometimes they are summoned to know the power they possess. And also to divulge the whereabouts of a precious good that spirit only knows about.

They must have been dead for a long time, but they still have the secret of something even after death.  It commonly said that the spirit always roams about around their grave within the first year of their burial.

Summon Process
This process of communicating with the spirit is not an easy one even if ever possible:

First, the proper location has to be located to do anything. The necromancers go to the forest where no one can disturb them.  And they also use crossroads, because they believe that soul of the dead will always pass through such places. Churches and castles that are not longer in use are also their good venue because of graveyards around.
The necromancy is always performed at night around 1.00 am.  They can perform it under the rain and few other conditions but the night is most preferred.
The necromancer prepares for nine days before attempting to do any of these act. It has to stay in the gloom of death. They take off their clothes and put that of the corps on. And if they put that cloth on they will have to recite some chants. And until such songs and other sacrifices finish, such necromancer can’t take off the cloth.
There are other forbidden acts like looking at a woman.
The food they eat will not contain any salt. Because salt preserve and the body in gave does not remain intact. They only eat the meat of dogs, because dogs are creatures of the spirit of the Goddess, whose appearance is not to look at; and if the necromancers glance their mind will be destroyed.
The communion of the necromancers is black unleavened with a symbol: juice from grapes. Which symbolize the emptiness in the realm they are about to explore. All the preparation creates a sympathetic bond between the necromancers and the soul.
Once the necromancers do all the necessary preparations, they go to graveyards and crossroad with their touch. He also draws a kind of circle round the grave and set fire around it.
After breaking the coffin such body is exhumed. Then, they laid the head of such corps to the north and its limb as Jesus was crucified. Close the body, the necromancers in a ritual place a sweet oil burning in a pot. And recites their various chants. In a slight variation, if such person committed suicide, the necromancer needs to touch the corps nine times before the invoking. If all is successful, the spirits slowly stand up. The spirit must answer the necromancers questions with spells.
After the interrogation, the necromancer will promise the spirit not to disturb in the nearest future. He will burn the body and the spirit will be rest which assures that the body will no longer be disturbed.


Practice of Necromancy
The practice of necromancy compares by some to modern mediumistic or practiced spiritualism.

Many consider it a dangerous and repugnant practice. Dangerous because when some dead spirits take control of the medium they are reluctant to release their control for some time. Necromancy is not practiced in Neo-pagan Witchcraft, but it is practiced in Voodoo.

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How to Perform Necromancy Ritual

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Necromancy is the practice that involves the control of the dead. This is done through divination, consultation and invocation to the beings of the underworld with the sole…Continue

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Comment by Mind Over Matter on May 21, 2020 at 5:52pm

Well did not some powerful men of the world summon a Council Necromancy for greatness? I read that somewhere.

Comment by anki on September 26, 2019 at 4:49pm

it also severs the connection to the body faster, cremating it 

Comment by Cosmic Sojourner on September 26, 2019 at 4:13pm

I am super interested in the bones as piezoelectric frequency transducers of the collective consciousness, as a crystalline structure, and the marrow with DNA as another piezoelectric form.

Also as it relates to the deceased and the thought forms it carries it carries in the bones that must be burned/cremated to eliminate.

Comment by Thanos on July 13, 2016 at 11:55pm

Here is a book I would recommend, if you have the money (available on ebay & amazon).

Comment by Thanos on April 1, 2014 at 2:18pm

A good resource for Necromancy, and related publications is at:

Comment by Thanos on August 17, 2011 at 10:21pm
Comment by Thanos on August 1, 2011 at 12:45pm
Thank you for the post!  I'll definitely look into it.  Pardon the slow development of the group by the way, I've been trying to set aside quality time to work on it soon.
Comment by LUNATIC ALAN MICHEAL CULPEPPER on December 24, 2010 at 12:40am
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