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This image comes to me as a shock since I had three of them in a dream earlier this week.

I was at a gathering (in the dream) where there were three such inverted balloons lodged in the floor of the room we inhabited.  One could enter a balloon by stepping down into it.  I did.  I found it was full of a liquid that did not in any way inhibit breathing.  In fact, being in it cleared up .... everything.  I felt - well, no words to describe it - but completely clear, able to communicate telepathically with others who seemed to be "on the other side" of the balloon looking directly at me.

Somehow I knew - was told - that the liberating experience of being in a balloon was called "Time Spin."  Several people could get inside of one balloon.  

I got back up out of the balloon to the supporting room and immediately wanted to try the other sizes - there was a "small," "medium", and a "large."  The rational-practical thought came to me that one might do well to practice in the small size some before graduating to the large.  Another practical thought came which was that I could use the bathroom.  Upon standing to enter my nearby bathroom, I had the experience that the dream did not "leave", as dreams typically do.  The Time Spin room and balloons came right along with me as a phenomenal "balloon" around my walking body all the way until I crawled in the dark right back into bed, confident that I could return.  I did.  Once one found the clarity inside a Time Spin, one wanted nothing but it.

How ... fitting ... that I now learn this shape is alchemical.  thank you.  This image goes up on my wall.

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