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Alchemical Processeses - What do you know about these? - what's missing?

Alchemy Processes.
All information from The continumms and classes of Dr. Charles Blaisdell***

Aires  -The Emperor - Key 4 -

Meditative Truth takes charge of the life...Reducing to ashes vestiges of ignorance, falsehood, compromise and fear.
Ladder of LIghts in human body.
Sublimed desire nature/ becomes causal and directs the force of Nature.
Natural beauty/ One with the True Self

Eliminates out impurities to render Self transparent . A Fire not of Earth , an interior trans-finite heat...

Nature from Spirit to-  Blood of the Lamb to -Fire of Redemption, Forgiveness. The Fire from transdimesion non-self to SELF ITSELF!

First Water is burnt off first...that which was not set in deeply.
Earth or dense matter burnt off/ Heart of Overthrow /going to Kore.

Aires Stone/Spark in Brain, in Heart of Cranial Cavity.Stone of The Philosophers in the Heart of Interior of Aires (Brain) The Pine Cone/Diamond/ Pineal Gland.

Things get heated up, drives off viotiles and causes eccentricity ( insanity) and produces White Calc Ash-chaulk until reduced to Ash.

Calcination RED...THE WHOLE GREAT WORK. Like in Genesis each word contains all that comes after it. As in The Tree Of Life Each Sphere contains all  that comes after it.
The power/powder  being created is self-pulverizing!!!
Operated by Invocation***
HEAD. Cerebral Pole. Brain. 12 Cranial Nerves. Bones in Spine. Integral Nervous System.  Veins.
Perceptions.Senses. All other processes are included in Calcination.*

Taurus -  Key 5 - The Hierophant-
To freeze into a semi-solid or solid state.
To incorporate into body form: The Faith Body.
The rebuilding of Frozen Cosmic MInd Stuff on which The Hermit Stands.
The Bridge, the connection , the pons between the brain and the body.
Breathing/ Inspiration or Digestion
Truth into utterance as manifestation.
Motivation  power.
The heart of fertility/new cycles.

Mouth, tongue, hearing.  Jaw & teeth. External carotoid arteries. throat, neck, tonsils, cervical vertibrae, thyroid, cerebellum, lower bottom part of cerebtum, thorax, 7 lumbara , sacral,  co-rules the coccyx with Aires. Gullet, all blood vessels of neck,eustachian tubes, inner ear, paratid/glands of salvation,  inner ear. beard.???

Gemini - The Lovers- Key 6

To imprint a Truth.
To transfer error by discrimination.
 Unerring progress of Truth.
To base life on Truth To act on Truth.
Within: Balance and interior hearing.
Without: A flash of intense mental enery to cleanse, purify.
Redefination of pain and loss
Constant reformation of the body.
Viotiles into fixed state.
Transformative state (body).
Flying power.
Changes to  something else.
Point of centering where it gets centered down to one point and passes into “something else”. or...
The squeezing out of essense from a form and  the sending it back to return  (to place of source).
 Mentality/thinking/rational/habitual perception.
Projective sense of s mell (wholeness).???
Exhaultation = The Shadow
Rules :
Beginning of the eating process,taste,pharynx -upper tract, bones of the wrist , shoulder and hand, juggler vein, bronchial tubes, breathe itself, breathing apparatus, clavicle/scapula/radius, ulna/. capillaries/veins/arteries.            

                    Cancer - The Chariot - Key 7 - “The Fall” - “Reunion”.
Out of one World into a separate totally different World.
The Womb (rib) is Sanctuary of LIfe.
Extracted Truth builds Truth into the body and circumstances.
Expands consciousness and dissolves bonds which limit.
Dissolves bonds between what goes “up” or “down”
Plastic nature of Metamorphic Forces within Universal Cosmic Mind Stuff.
Astral LIght which human consciousness can direct and form into body/circumstances.                            Rules:            
    Lactatic  (milk),maternity, gestation, birth.

Leo - Strength - Key 8
Digestion   (Fire)
A winnowing , simplfying force determining what aspects of Universal Life Force is going to be incorporated. The steady application of fire and water to break down experiences, facts, bodies, memories etc. into their pure elemental components: from complexity to simple principles of causation over facts. Being processed , being consumed by The Great Work/ The True Self. Extracting  Strength from dead form ...The fiery Lamb of God Redeemed.
Seat of Vitality /Strength.
Heart of Body, Ruler of action, desire.
Essence  of Nobility.
Seat of the animal nature (The beast in Man) - Passions.
Seat of The Soul  ...The Hero or the Coward.        
Regulus* Slag to top. Metal to bottom.
Star metal pulled out of the Heart  of Blood.
The hiss of the Serpent.
The Twisting Sword.
Where all Life Force    enters the body.
Where food rendered sufficiently soluble to be digested inside a causal world.     

Some bones, liver, wrist, segments of the spinal cord, Heart of body.

Virgo - The Hermit- Key 9

Self Birthing The Wisdom Child.
Extraction of the Truth. Recall commenced.Cleaning of the mind. The  beginning of cultivating consciousness. Attention to organic quality of The Work. Search for the Best, for  Truth and  for oneness with Nature.

Taking Fluidic Gold out of food and incororating it  into the body. You are tissue fluid...
Ingested, digested, eliminated or becoming body substance.
Inorganic matter becomes organic matter.
Production of Kyle - fatty comp. in small intestine.
Lymphatic  System takes Kyle out of body.
Foundation of Biochemical process which sustains the physical body.
Foundation of the Great work.
Lymphatic Healing power of the body.
Rendering oneself WHOLE!

Lymphatic System, intestines, controls tissue fluid-what goes in and out.
Medium of exchange for blood, lymph.

Libra - Justice - Key11

Basis of The Great Work/ Heart of The Major Arcana - Key 11
Moving from a solid state to a gaseous state without any __________.(Liquid?***)
And from gaseous to liquid without any________(?????*****)
Fires of Redemption.
Sign of The Mother.
Replacement of the entire bodies .
Elimination of things which get in the way of Freedom. Detachment!
Heat of analysis applied to desire Nature.
Taking it up and Octave...refining
Changing old for new.
Looking inward and upwards.
Out of the prison of memory, habit, mind and circumstance.  
Fire of Air.
Secretion,excretion. separation of poisons, sublimation, balance of substances, adrenalin, balance (ears)***???, purifies blood, elimination, organs of Divine Expression... Gravity to Levitation... Fear or Faith.

***Operated by reflexion Libra & Scorpio   Sublimation and/or Putrefaction***???

Scorpio - Death - Key 13 -

Rot.  The Fundament. The BLACK STAGE.
 Operated by reflexion, not directly  LIbra & Scorpio(***??? see Sublimation also???)

Release of repression.
Bringing back force.
Death of personality.
Reversal of old perceptions  of desire,love, truth, liberation.
Dismantling memory, habit, fear, error, isolation, personality structures
Releases force through illumination, strength, uplifting

Genital  Pole, erectile tissue of Nose, =’s dark reflection of sexual force/sore throat also reflects same.
bottom anus up , uro genital system .
Thymus, larynx, throat, vocal chords,  lower erectile tissue of  nose, reflex action of  head (?) and knee,

Saggitarius   - Temperance (MIchael /Angel) - Key 14 -  

The Purifying  Fire of every vestige of personality.***
Heat and pressure which burns away all ( integrates the Dweller).***
The Voice of The True Self. (***    Incineration??? Some of this Fermentation????****)
The Great Work ...commitment forever.???***
The beginning is always in the middle.
The Tower Process within Awakening.
Bringing up The Force.
Heating up/Friction to do so.
Anticipation- Causal perceptions/illumination/courage/tempering/libraration/and
Trial/purification by Fire.
A  place of election over The Abyss of Personality.
A process within Redemption

Bone, muscle,pelvis, upper leg, arterial system.

Capricorn - The Devil - Key 15
The Boil-Up. The Potency of The Work in Mind/Body/Circumstance.
Excitement- seething aliveness.
Chemical change in the blood-Alternation.
Devotion to Truth and “Works”  like meditation, recollection.
Constant invention.
Rewards of increased power as personality disintegrates.
Antidote to Bondage.
Corporeal Intelligence.
Mantle of skin in different context to Saturn.

Aquarius - The Star - Key 17

The Mind at the service of Super Consciousness’ Meditative direction
When it’s dissolved, it’s gone!
Continual invention/genius/ living Truth.
Union of God/Man/Nature.
Marriage of the Poles/Union/Self-Love/Knowing.
Utterance  into thought and  word - TRUTH & LAW / What is RIGHT.
New Worlds unfolded.
A Special Light enters  the body -Head/Vision - from interior of  the eye to the right ventricle of the Heart. It is The Animating Life Force.***


Optic nerve, interior of eye, 3rd ventricle to pineal gland and the ankles = 90 degree turn.

Pisces - The Moon - Key 18
Multiplication: Many folds. Variety unified by Principle. Simplification.

Sleep Work “Passing of Fire” between mind power of the Master to the disciple.
Transmission when the mind is fertile.
The interior Cabalistic Path.
Stone of The Wise - New Jerusalum.
Reproduction  - The power of The Stone regenerated.
Man to reproduce himself by Touch.
Resonance or  Sexualization - The Passing on of Fire.
Multiplication  - through the Purifying fire. All the separate pieces into one Unity.
The Metamorphic Imperative.
Self Perfection = Alchemical reproduction = Stone of The Wise.

Alchemy/Metamorphoses are stages in receptivity***

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Replies to This Discussion

first question off the top of my head is did blaisdell intentionally leave certain steps/keys out or are you attempting to reprodduce the missing pieces?

He was fully comprehensive. These are a copy of my class notes taken many years ago. The order and completeness may not be there. It is my lack and therefore the questions in the title of this discussion and the request for group members to fill in the order and what may be missing.

Still it is valuable and a fine  and important topic to understand and discuss.

What are you offering to fill in with "certain steps"?

Fermentaton - Alchemy

Ah, the experience of the boil-up. How many of us know full well the times that everything explodes in our faces and it becomes hard to describe how many things can go wrong and come to the surface at one time? Can one comprehend the function of such happenings? Where is the good in this experience? Of course, we have to take care of things as best as we are able so as not to go under, succumb or give up become paralyzed and sink in the quick sand or turn into an aggressive raving maniac or some such creature.

The boil-up =s the potency of the Work in body, mind and circumstances. Capricorn presents  an opportunity  for an antidote to bondage which is levity/mirth.

Fermentation is change coming about and that change will involve the Corporeal Intelligence. A chemical change takes place in the blood - Alteration is occuring. It is a time of excitement - seething aliveness. It is time to devote oneself to the Truth and the Work which is meditation and recollection and application of the extracted principles into your everyday life. It is a time for constant invention ("I can" - brings rewards of increased power as the old personality disintegrates and a new Persona (regenerated personality) is brought forth (birthed.)
Got goose pimples, boils, erruptions, scales???? The mantle of skin is a body part associated with this stage of Alchemy!

i would say love and uncompromising, unconditional honesty with truth & self are great Alchemical techniques for quickening personal development

we can read all the books we want on alchemy & the occult arts, yet if we aren't straight with the spirit, self, soul, the universe, then "coincidences" will block our path, all the time. 

Well, just my thoughts on what's "missing" sometimes.

Here's to your journey!

Returning to wholesomeness :)

Hey there, I agree Zephyr, and would say that all truly Alchemical Art is done with and through pure love and honesty as you stated, as a foundation. In my opinion a primary purpose of Alchemy is to aid in accomplishing mastery precisely how you explained, perhaps differently stated as Sole Et Coagula.  Together each in working to bring harmony in the Tria Prima (Three Primes), and then with the Cosmic.

Spirit as Mercury, Soul as Sulphur, and with the Base Salt (Matter) makes the Three and the One - coagulating as the self and bringing harmony between ourselves and the cosmic ;) This occurs sequentially and randomly through-out all Alchemical Stages.

  Hi again Tris,  What is alchemy to me?  Alchemy was a study of nature, I believe to find out if there was a God, perhaps also for other reasons. At any rate, when you know and consider the process, and wonder how long it must have taken to figure it out, I stand all amazed. I can't truly say it was a search for God, or if it was just a way of the ancients trying to find out about what Nature is all about.  I figured at one time it was about a garden and rotting. You throw away tomatoes and it is in a heap of garbage and next year you have perfect tomatoes?? Perhaps you buried rotten fish and that made them grow. see, a thing can change and be anything! Fish make tomatoes. compost also might be a part. But, is compost all that matter can be? That might also be what started alchemy. They worked with nature till they perfected matter and had the stone. It cured their ills, what more do you need. It proved God was there in nature and so it led to religion organized. The rest is history. Ill say this, working with nature for 16 months does bring you close to nature and God.


Every thought and word you state is importantly true. Thank you. I'm with you on that.

I did have in mind however for anything missing from the information on Alchemical  Processes.

Good compilation Being, thanks for sharing (and timely).

I feel it's important to note that sometimes when we may be feeling like steps are missing, we are actually observing a perspective of an Alchemist that has most likely worked with a few of them in a consolidated manner. A great deal of ancient and Renaissance text and imagery show and describe 7, and yet others show 12 or more. For example, sometimes a process can seem like it's passing through a few stages, but may be aspects of one, and therefore when described causes some confusion on the surface. In my opinion, so long as the "Base/Essential 7" are described, there probably won't be missing any if there are more, just maybe broken down further.

I hope you guys come to the discussion (lesson for some) on the Alchemical processes in the focus room, a week from this Sunday - hoping to hear a lot of perspectives.

OH, also, a while back I created a group (Solve Et Coagula) specifically to discuss in detail the different stages in Spiritual Alchemy and from different perspectives - it would definitely help to post this there too and would love to get some discussion going there about the stages and processes.

Synchronicity abounds!

Seven Steps the King travels to sit upon his throne, Spirit congealed with Matter in Coagulation


Great discussion, such a sacred Art

  This tablet above ,  The time is september. Look at the prior tablet in this series, two "white Birds" which is the True mercury and the Moon.  It now takes seven months to complete the process. The seven is divided into 3 and 4. The first ends at dec. 21, the last for the red is april, Easter. The base above is the base of the oven.  Basically this is telling you it takes seven months to reach the King (Stone).

I think that the order is the order of the Astrological Wheel starting with:

Aires - Calcination; Taurus -Congealation; Gemini - Fixation; Cancer - Separation ; Leo - Digestion ; Virgo - Distillation; Libra - Sublimation; Scorpio - Putrefaction; Saggitarius - Incineration; Capricorn - Fermentation; Aquarius - Dissolution; Pisces - Projection.

Wish these were higher quality, perhaps we can find them together. This one shows seven stages associated with the 12 zodiac - it is "Engraving 3 from Stefan Michelspacher Cabala, Spiegel der Kunst und Natur, Augsburg, 1615.". Shows Sublimation second.


Hi Tris.  What you see is because the process is 16 months long. The big division is in September, Virgo, the Virgin Birth. That is the ninth month, with seven re,maining. Why it is so important is this.  There is nothing on the earth which you can make the stone out of, you have to "Make' that substance. That is the first nine months. That is the True mercury as flamel said. That is regenerated seven months longer by the sun and moon (Crowned androgynous Matter) and then finished in the sun for the red stone, last 4 months to april. The stone is our religion, the process. It is all there. I can explain a hundred of these if you want. after a while you might start to believe me.   I could pick those that are very important and show what i am saying?  Atalanta is a very good series as it shows everything very well. abraham is O K, it shows the astrological steps. Flamel is very hard. The St Thomas shield shows it all in one, that is what you need to see, and all your friends here. Put it up and Ill explain it. You can copy it from my site. alchemy is about perfecting Matter with the All, which is everything outside. It is worked with an egg and a glass pyramid oven. All you add is Love and time to babysit! The process proved God to the ancients and so it became the Life and times of O)siris, which became a religion, which today is christianity. That is why it is so hidden and why the church would kill you to speak about it. Jesus was killed because he was talking about it to the vulgar, people like you and me!


    As for the setep, first is get together an egg and make an oven. second is put egg in oven, keep warm and rot for 4 months, third is waters come together (Androgynous matter) till september. Then Dry in moonlight only (Virgin Birth), Then bring waters back (Crowned androgenous) together 3 months, last is work with sun four months (Eye of Horus in pyramid on dollar bill).  Note it is Genesis first three months (days) repeated. See, even the Masons put it right in front of you. all the series allegories series arfe the same thing. When you know the steps you can figure them all out.  What do you want to do, know or spend your life looking?

   What you were discussing yesterday, read it again slowly as i described the process and note it is the same.


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