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Robert Bruce on Coast to Coast Radio show discussing his new project, Mastering Astral Projection. Mastering Astral Projection CD Companion is state of the art OBE technology, with 6 easy-to-follow voice guided CD's and 60-page illustrated book. This winning combination takes you by the hand and masterfully guides you through everything you need to induce Out-of-Body Experience, including deep physical and mental relaxation, achieving the mind awake + body asleep state, energy work, chakras stimulation, and more. The CD's utilize powerful altered-state inducing sound technology (frequencies that alter your brainwaves) to induce altered states of consciousness ideal for OBE.

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I have ordered the book and will let you know how I do with it.
Nice, and yes please let us know.

How did you end up liking this author's process? I'm always looking for new takes on AP and a new way to 'study' it. It would be nice to hear some feed back on this subject.

would love to here more


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