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Fascinating experience. I think these two orbs the first once are guardians, protectors, i have met many spirits who feel malevolent but are protectors, warriors of kinds, thats why they feel evil to you. But in reality they just follow a function, they protect u from harm so they must be this way. Like a policeman, they also feel very strict and can be scary. 

the other two who feel benevolent are teachers, they feel positive because u must learn from them.

wow thats possibly the best perspective I've gotten on this experience! that makes sense because I do feel like those first 2 were more protectors and the other 2 were more 'guiding' and relatable. Hence why they were humanoid! great response Anki I appreciate it!

ur welcome ty for sharing it. great experience. ur very gifted. 

thank you that means a lot, looking forward to more conversations and insights!


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