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I've noticed that often my entry into a full or highly conscious nighttime experience is often the same, i.e., vibrational states, sleep paralysis, immense energies pulling or pushing on the body, but that then I enter into many different types of experiences and seeming realms of the supersensible worlds.  I've entered the classic OBE experience, then another night the exact same thing happened to start, but then I loved into a lucid dream.  Sometimes I enter into places where everything is self-lit and bright and I've entered places that have very little light and are mostly dark.  I'm trying to get a clearer idea of the different realms we enter so that I can extract the greatest amount of conscious experience from theses sojourns into the supersensible and act appropriately in each.

What have others found concerning these different reams we enter?  Who have you found to be most helpful in explaining the different realms?  It seems like there are almost infinite possibilities!  "My father's house has many mansions", so how do we make this clear to our consciousness? 

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I also have a great interest in this question. I have not gotten out of body before (or at least that I am aware of) but am highly curious to know the qualities of these different places.

I'm glad to know that I am not mentally sick as most of my friends thinks. I go through high vibrations, a lot of energy most of the time felt from my alimentary canal, really scary stuff. What I don't understand is, when I find myself in paralysis and try to wake up instead of entering astral projection, I start seeing scary entities, some are hooded figures and others try push my body real hard. When I astral project, I see things that always happen in future, good and bad. For the bad ones, I try to say a prayer to the most high so that they can be stopped or blocked. Not always I succeed but most of the time they happen and are then are not really as bad...


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