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Back in the 1980's I had spontaneous projection OBEs frequently.  It would happen during meditation, or even just lying down for a nap.  I would feel a heaviness in my body, followed by tingling, then hear a low humming tone which gradually became a high-pitched sound in my ear.  Then I would feel like i was rocking or spinning, and then suddenly I would be leaving my body, backwards, through the crown of my head, traveling very fast. I was never aware of going through the ceiling as so many people report, but I would be aware of going through clouds and into the stars.  It felt like there were others with me, I guess what would be Guides.

Eventually, I learned to control my light body, and enjoyed flying, diving and jumping, but especially flying.  

I shut all of this down in the 1990's and especially since getting back into a very dogmatic religion.  The religious leaders teach that the paranormal is satanic, and something to be avoided and feared.  Yet, this past year something happened to me that has pulled me back to my path.  And I feel that I will be having OBEs again. 

I'm in a very intense, very loving,  long-distance relationship with a man I met a year ago online.  I am sure he is my Twin Flame.  We can feel each other thousands of miles from each other, but would like to have more awareness of each other.  We are hoping to learn to have more contact through astral projection.  Is it possible that we can do this, together?  How would we do this?


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I have heard this can be done and it has been done from my own personal experience.  Thing is I seem to connect with my wife in the future but not now, I can't find her I can only see her in the future :(  My Timing Sucks :(  Anyhow favor to ask can you remote view a black hole at a quasar for me?  There is swearing in the video heads up  if you can it would be appreciated.  I wish you best of luck with your twin flame and you two have a wonderful existence here in this reality as well as in the dark matter :)  Wish I could be more helpful but I am still looking for one of my future wife's. 
It kind of sounds like that book and movie "The Time Traveler's Wife."  Are we all time travelers, but can't control "when"  we go?


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