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I wanted to see if any other men have this experience and any feedback would be interesting.  Entry into the supersensible worlds seems to require an explosive energy as those of us who experience the intense vibrational states and other such tremendous forces know.  As the energy explodes into us that draws our consciousness out of its normal dense relation to the physical body, the immense energy has often produced the arousal response in me which is a peripheral pleasure to the experience that can also become a limiting factor.  I believe there is a lot of difficult and traumatic energies associated with our lower chakras and energy centers and they themselves might be an impetus to maintaining our time and experience-intensity while we are in a highly non-physical state.  I have had personal communications with an accomplished Out of Body traveler who has written many books on the subject and she told me that experiences can be confused with sexual ecstasy which can sidetrack us because as she said then everything will get sucked down into our lower energies.  Obviously we must balance all our energies in order to maximize our clarity and experience in the supersensible realms, but I'm wondering what others have experienced in this regard?  Entry into the astral world itself is metaphorically a drawing us into the womb of creation which has erotic elements to it and obviously there are pure and transmuted sexual energies that vivify the experience and so imbalanced lower energies as our grounding rod in a sense are critical to maintaining proper balance while in the spiritual realms.  I don't know what women have experienced, but as a man, the pulling back into my physical body has been associated to an erection that has entirely different energetic expansion to it.  Its an expansive energy that seems to go out to eternity in a sacred sense like so well established in the Linga-Yoni mythology.  That is a worthwhile and enriching experience in itself, but the arousal response can also become a limiting factor as well.  What have others experienced around the sexual energies and astral projection?  Does one get used to the erotic and highly energetic states after awhile?  Sexual energies are extremely powerful in this day and age and it seems we will all need to face them to the highest degree and make them something beautiful and powerful without avoiding them...      

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It might help (it does with me anyway) to have sex before you start your astral projection (or "relieve" yourself) , you may find your energy a bit more balanced then and not so much sexual energy as the main focus (unless that is your focus of course). I am no guru but I've found that I can focus better and get a higher vibration without the drag of my lower chakras being the main focus. I know that some will say that that energy can be utilized to achieve your projection, and it can, but if it is a problem then it's best to deal with the problem first. A balanced energy includes a healthy sex life and if your energy is balanced then your focus is balanced also, it will be less likely that you will attract those on astral plane that are vibrating at lower chakra levels and so your astral experience will last longer for starters and will also be more awareness based . Using your base chakra energies in a balanced way involves the balancing of our minds towards our own sexual selves, too much energy is not good as it makes one a randy beast that humps stationary objects, and too little energy leaves one with no base energy to work with. A balanced chakra system frees one up to vibrate at the level you choose to vibrate at without the influence of of a blocked or sluggish chakra impeding your focus or limiting your experience to the level of the blocked chakra... As I said I'm no guru but that is my ideas on the subject and I'm sure there will be differing opinions, but balance in our lives (which includes sex) is a good start for any journey into the known or unknown and it never hurts to be balanced anyway

Great insight Brad!  Thanks!

Hi Gavin, 

Another way is to learn to move the "lower energy" up, as in yogic, tantric & Taoist alchemical work.

This of course isn't a short term solution as it takes time to learn & implement the methods.

A good place to start might be Yogani's site:

In broader perspectives we must look at all the energies and interactions between different forces that we are conscious of. We must get to the conscious perspectives that allow us to tap into the deepest responses possible. So we can take something like the arousal process and really look at what energies are occurring there and how we can commandeer them for the highest spiritual purposes. That is something I’m currently experimenting with. I think that the lower sexual energies are obviously the most powerful stimulus to all action and the word sexual cannot contain the degree to which the energies are used for and of course we know that the squandering of sexual energy is often considered to be counterproductive to spiritual growth. I believe, based on previous experience that entry and remaining in the supersensible realms requires that we sustain our sexual energy in the physical while the spiritual bodies go into the supersensible. This vast energy is used to going into the sexual response and the arousal process and when that occurs it can sidetrack entry and sustaining ventures into the supersensible and bring us back to the physical state and the awareness of sexual arousal which we are used to being one of our strongest waking physical experiences that we hence get overly attached to.

It makes sense that whatever imbalances that exist in one will only be magnified when you enter into the super sensing state. I have heard much of pushing sexual energy up the spine into the higher chakras and that seems to be a key factor in many things which can only be even more true as a nonphysical being.

I am familiar with what your discussing, and a much more eccentric path, one that does not seem to get discussed: acceptance and participation with this energy. A bass energy doesn't necessarily mean a 'negative' energy. The base of a pyramid supports the rest of the pyramid. This energy, a creative energy, is probably the most evasive energy, the easiest to tap into, and can spring you into ecstatic states. More people have arrived in ecstatic states through sex and sex energy than through meditation, suggested by the book transcendent sex written by Jenny Wade. I personally started this path as decision when experiencing sleep paralysis as a child. there was a great deal of fear of sex, due to family origin beliefs and issues, and so sleep paralysis, which often came with stimulus, would frighten me out of the experience. when I surrendered to the experience, changed my belief that it was pleasant as opposed to scary, my world changed. I had greater experiences and with greater depth and range. we don't arrive with just one chakra, but with all the chakras, and when they all are equally lit, you experience things, pleasure with awareness. That's part of my everyday practice, with a partner or alone.

I have experienced astral projection several times and mine is to explore, gain knowledge and see future activities, however, I don't believe in astral sex. I have had rape attempts by other spirits, it is something that I really really hate and would do anything possible to destroy the rape spirits!!! I usually gain a lot of energy and very high vibrations before leaving my body but this is nothing sexually satisfactory...


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