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Astral projection (or astral travel) refers to episodes of out-of-body experiences perceived as unfolding in environments other than the physical world, by an astral counterpart of the physical body that separates from it and travels to one or more astral planes. Astral projection is experienced as being "out of the body". Unlike dreaming or near death experiences, astral projection may be practiced deliberately.

Descriptions of such experiences are found in common worldwide religious accounts of the afterlife, with the soul's journey or "ascent" being described in such terms as "an...out-of-body experience" wherein the spiritual traveller leaves the physical body and travels in his/her subtle body (or dreambody or astral body) into ‘other’ realms."

There is limited scientific evidence regarding the validity of astral projection, and more typically reports of such experiences are subjective and anecdotal. The belief that one has had an out-of-body experience, whether spoken of as "astral projection" or not, is common. Hundreds of personal accounts of astral projection were published in a number of books through the 1960s and 70s. Surveys have reported percentages ranging from 8% (as much as 50% in certain groups of respondents) who state they have had such an experience. Because of the subjective nature of the experience, however, there are a number of materialist explanations that do not rely on the existence of an "astral" body and plane.

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Different Realms

Started by Gavin Johnston. Last reply by Laura Kemp Sep 1, 2019. 2 Replies

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Sexual Energy and Astral Projection

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I wanted to see if any other men have this experience and any feedback would be interesting.  Entry into the supersensible worlds seems to require an explosive energy as those of us who experience…Continue


Started by ☤Tris☤. Last reply by Nicholas Singh Sep 10, 2014. 10 Replies

Discuss methods of Astral Projection

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Astral Projection vs Lucid Dreaming

Started by Scot Kelly. Last reply by LeeLee Jul 10, 2014. 7 Replies

Greetings fellow travelers,I wanted to get some clarification regarding the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming. My first OBE was when I was thirteen. This experience was a…Continue

Out of Body Experiences: How to Have Them And What to Expect

Started by ☤Tris☤. Last reply by John Anthony Jun 18, 2014. 4 Replies

Out of Body Experiences: How to Have Them And What to Expect(PDF - 458 KB) by Robert PetersonPDF AttachedContinue

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My Own Previous Experiences with Astral Projection/OBE

Started by Astranda. Last reply by NATALIE PRIEST Jan 24, 2013. 3 Replies

Back in the 1980's I had spontaneous projection OBEs frequently.  It would happen during meditation, or even just lying down for a nap.  I would feel a heaviness in my body, followed by tingling,…Continue

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My Amazing AP Last Night

Started by Gabrielle. Last reply by NATALIE PRIEST Jan 24, 2013. 2 Replies

I wanted to share this amazing Astral Projection experience. It is the best to date and I think I know what triggered it. Yesterday evening I took some supplements: Niacin with Garlic, Melatonin,…Continue

Mystic Radio: Astral Projection

Started by ☤Tris☤. Last reply by NATALIE PRIEST Jan 24, 2013. 1 Reply

Greetings Seekers and Astral Projectors!We have a Mystic Radio show coming up this Sunday that will be discussing Astral Projection.Link to the Event…Continue

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still trying

Started by dreamflyer. Last reply by Je'daii Master Therrian Xavier Dec 21, 2012. 12 Replies

Hi,I have been trying off and on for decades to have a complete OBE.The Robert Peterson book helped me and some of Munroes advise. All that eventually happens is me getting to the point where it feel…Continue

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Comment by joseph diagos on September 20, 2009 at 1:11am
i seem to be able to do it easier during spesific times of the year or when there is full or new moon.... i would love to answer questions if anyone has any at least to the extent i know....
Comment by Flatjet on September 19, 2009 at 1:07pm
In Scientology we have a technique to (with your eyes closed) focus on the back upper corners of the room,sitting in a chair in a relaxed manner..
I my self would like to try one of those chambers with salt water.If i don't get some substantial results with Scn in the future i might try DMT as well (A big no no in Scn:)
Comment by Owyl Mozey on September 18, 2009 at 8:54pm
Perhaps practice fine tuning your senses by walking around your space blindfolded? Use cotton or earplugs to block out extra sounds from outside? I am sure there are many techniques to help shake you from your normal perceptions and allow you to travel astral more easily. I would love to hear of more ideas...
Comment by Flatjet on September 18, 2009 at 2:51am
I wonder if breathing pure oxygen would help...
Comment by Owyl Mozey on September 17, 2009 at 10:13pm
they have happened for me a bunch of times, but only when my body is really tired yet my mind is active. it has happened instinctively, never when I planned it or tried to do it. I know it's real and they are more vivid every time. maybe someday I can achieve an OBE on purpose. I was energized by the experience, in fact when I became lucid and realized I was floating around my room, is when I would wake up. My own realization of the experience is what wakes me up every time. I have to find a way to stay calm about it so as not to zap back into my physical self.

Comment by ☤Tris☤ on May 29, 2009 at 6:41pm
Very interesting Flatjet, sounds a lot like they were using a technique known as the "breath of fire". It could have being used to enter a state of physical unconsciousness, while the mind hasn't yet had a chance to, therefore bringing consciousness into a sleeping/passed out state. Much like wake induced lucid dreaming.
Comment by alchemistra on May 29, 2009 at 6:15pm
Like remote viewing...? I read the same thing somewhere...that the military has used this as a means of spying and for reconnaissance. Sounds too easy, I think I want to
Comment by Flatjet on May 29, 2009 at 5:40pm
I once met a mercenary guy,he spoke of some secret technique that he learned in the French legion. One thing was a "Spy" technique to leave the body and have a look what the enemy is up to.The "training" simply was to lay flat on your back with arms down your sides, on the ground. And then start to Hyper ventilate, concentrating on where you wanted to go.
Comment by alchemistra on May 29, 2009 at 9:16am
A vegetarian diet helps...
The biggest impediment to astral projection is fear. Everyone projects at some point, the question is rather one of are you conscious of it, ie. are you awake.

Re: A Story (finis) Re: A Story (finis)
(from conversation with a friend response to his story not posted here of what seemed to be astral projection, based on what he had told me.

That is quite a story, and I think I may already have an explanation for you. Although it is going to sound very strange indeed.

It's interesting that you mentioned the vegetarian diet and your yoga practice. Two things that are definitely associated with a loosening of the astral body from the physical. Is it possible that you had an OBE, an astral voyage that began and you "woke up" in the middle of it? That's what it sounds like to me.

A very loud buzzing sound is characteristic of the beginning of astral projection. Also your body will vibrate at a very high frequency.

June 2, 2007 between 3:00am and 5:35am: (from my own journal, and account of astral projection, several years ago, only a portion has been added here, as it it simply to deeply personal to share)

I am conscious when I feel in my body that the separation (going astral) is about to occur. I know that I have willed this, but as it begins I feel somewhat apprehensive about it, but I completely mesmerized by what is happening to me, so I don't try to stop it. I feel hesitant but it is happening, I am conscious of it and it begins. It starts with a strange tingling all over my body, there is a loud noise, like humming or a buzzing. I feel sensations in my body, of which I am completely aware and conscious of. The complete separation takes place. I know it, I know that my spirit is out. I stay very close to my body, I can see myself laying on the bed. I immediately sense the presence of others. I instantly have a thought that they might be hostile, but nothing bad happens. On leaving the body, the way that I know it, is the breath. Like a transfer of the breath to the spirit body, this is also how I know my consciousness is there with that breath. There is a deep inspiration (breath), that first breath I will not ever forget it, it was like nothing I have ever felt.

Astral projection in a nutshell, happens all the time...both willed and non-willed, consciously and unconsciously. Sometimes we wake up during when its happening, it's quite alarming if we do. One question, was there any sense of the opposite of left and right, any difference in the positioning of things from when you experienced what you did and when you later examined the area, or how the room really is?
Comment by WildAlchemist on May 29, 2009 at 12:21am
Astral projection is awesome, only thing is it's EXTREMELY draining.. It depletes your jing more than ejaculating. The only way to do it without draining yourself is to forge your shen body until it becomes detached from the umbilical cord.

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