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Chiron is often significantly placed in the charts of Lightworkers.

( It also relates well to the 25th gene key which captures the essence of the entire work  )

In Greek myths, Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs and the archetype of the Wounded Healer

He was accidentally wounded by an arrow that had been dipped in the blood of the Hydra

In his search for his own cure, he discovered how to heal others

In teaching others the healing arts, he found a measure of solace from his own pain

The Wounded Healer understands what the patient feels because he has gone through the same pain

The suffering patient can be cared for by the Healer and be instrumental in the Healers own healing

Each encounter between Healer and patient can be transforming for both

The lesson of Chiron teaches us is that we can overcome pain and transcend into knowledge

That each of us can become a Wounded Healer

Sagittarius is alarge constellation best viewed in early summer. The constellation as a whole is distinctive for looking like a teapot, complete with spout and handle. The most easily identifiable part of it is the group of stars around the bow and central figure that form a trapezoid shape. Sagittarius is the happy hunting ground of the summer observer. Within it lays the very heart of the Milky Way itself, providing vistas which are unparalleled in grandeur and diversity.   Southern Hemisphere observers have the best view, since Sagittarius flies straight overhead when viewed from Australia, South America, and southern Africa.Sagittarius contains a rich part of the Milky Way, lying towards the center of our Galaxy. The exact center of the Galaxy is believed to be marked by a radio-emitting source that astronomers call Sagittarius A. Scientists speculate the existence of a huge Black hole in the center of our Galaxy: an enormous celestial body, disproportionally dense and much heavier than our own sun. The “heart center” of the Galaxy expresses a tremendous amount of gravitational force. In addition, there are many other notable celestial objects in Sagittarius, including the Lagoon Nebula and the Trifid Nebula, two massive clouds of gas lit up by the stars inside of them. We can infer that in this section of the universe, extraordinary events take place and amazing exchanges of light energies of various degrees through the vastest of consciousness manifestations.

Sagittarius is a constellation of Sumerian origin, subsequently adopted by the Greeks, and this helps explain the confusion over its identity and nature.  Ancient Babylonians referred to Sagittarius as Pabilsag or Nergal, a god with wings and the head of a lion.  The Greeks pictured Sagittarius as a centaur, a creature that was half horse, half human.  Adding to this is the fact that there is a second Centaur constellation:  Centaurs.  The problem of having two centaurs in the sky has meant that their myths have frequently overlapped, although their ascribed natures and origins are very different – Chiron being gentle, wise and peace-loving, at the same time as Sagittarius, known to originate from Mesopotamia, is war-like and fierce.

The Greek mythology encircling the figure of Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is of great assistance in helping us acquire a deeper understanding of the archetypal energies of Healing in our life journey, especially when we get in touch with a the Original Wound, the wound of Separation from our Divine Source.

As an archetype, Chiron is said to embody the key lessons humanity is in need of now: the ability to link the daily concerns of life with more urgent and profound spiritual realities. Chiron thus symbolizes the ability to establish a working bridge between the realm of the earth and the realm of Spirit, and to foster a healthy balance between them.

When dealing with our own individual pains of the Original Wound, we tend to mistakenly perceive this wound as abandonment.  We act as if the Divine Source has turned a cold back to us, because we have forgotten that it was our own choice, our will to leave and to pursue this very long, drawn out search for Truth, to Know Truth, and to experience form and interact with different stages of manifested consciousness. These are all lessons selected by our own Souls, and when it is perceived through our individual Mind, Heart and Soul, we will find has never been cut off from Source.
In our search for love and for the understanding of our purpose, and because of our forgetfulness, we may also find pain; layers of pain, branching from what we recognize as the Original Wound, which has given birth to our Ego, the part that helps us with Self-identification but ultimately must also be discarded and replaced with the Self -realized True Self.

Sagittarius expresses the many different natures of a hybrid archetype.  This is attenuated by the fact that this constellation shares its aspects and effects with another influential constellation in the night sky at this time of the year, the Orion Constellation.

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Nicely written.


I am definitely someone who fits into the Wounded Healer archetype. My wound came when I was very young, and I still have blocked it out. It caused all sorts of misery for myself and my family. However, when I finally met someone who convinced me she was a real medical intuitive -- she told me things about my teeth that were later confirmed by a dentist-- I decided that Spirit was indeed all around us, and that I could alchemize all the poison I carried into an elixir. It is kind of like the hero's journey. One leaves "normal reality", goes deep into the Hades of seemingly endless and cruel suffering, but on the way finds just enough help to heal oneself, then emerge with the ability to heal others. I  think I fit into the empath category.


By the way, my Chiron is in Ares, seventh house, which it shares with my moon and my Jupiter. Does that placing have any particular meaning to you? Thanks

Hi Tye, I will get back to you on that over the weekend, hopefully. and share a little more on chiron as I resonate strongly with it's principles. That said many awakening people will as it is such an integral part of our development. I have another article that relates strongly that I will ..aim to post here as well. Have you your chart you can paste here so I can see the overall picture and how it links I will be able to assess it better then. Thank you for appreciating the post.


Hi Tye, I found your chart and am having it redone in a house system easier to decipher. So this is just a glimpse for now. I am more of an intuitive astrologer, I have a friend who handles the details, so between us we get more from a chart. Chiron is also representative of the key, your wound comes from the relationship with your mother or maternal influence ( maybe past life matters relating to goddess) although your relationship with your father was also difficult. Working on this key will reduce the difficulties you are prone to in relationships, 7th, which are important to you. Unconscious power issues to do with relationships may sabotage them You may well experience extreme mood swings between the water and fire in your chart. Have you noticed your moon mars mutual reception. Dragons head empowerment through personal values.






 25 th Gene Key –The Myth of the Sacred Wound       siddhi-- Universal Love



Physiology –Heart      Amino Acid –Arginine


  If there is a single Gene Key among the 64 Gene Keys that captures the essence of the entire work it is this 25* Gene Key Here lies the secret that men and women have always sought —— the secret of love. Here too lies the foil of love, the 25* Shadow of Constriction. Constriction exists wherever love is absent, and it is the underlying source of all human suffering. It is self-perpetuating because to constrict life in yourself or in another, is to welcome more suffering into your life.

The Shadow of Constriction operates at all levels of society. In the individual, constriction occurs first and foremost in your breathing. It creates tightness around the chest and compresses tension into the. Abdomen. Most of us enter constriction training at a very young age. We learn it through the breathing patterns of our parents, even while we are still in the womb. It is even there at the point of conception, passed subtly from the sperm to the egg as a code containing the genetic blueprints of the constriction felt by your ancestors as they struggled from their births to their deaths. Here in the 25* Shadow we find the basis for the myth of the ‘sacred wound’ —- the source of all human suffering, and a Trans—genetic anomaly literally ‘wound’ around the helix of all human DNA.

The 25* Shadow is the great turbine of human seeking. Everywhere you go you carry this constriction with you. If you tune into your body you will sense it deep inside you, and your response or reaction to the discomfort it brings defines the shape of your life. If you recoil from the pain, you will live a life of denial and distraction ——- a half—life, lost in the pale shadowlands of mediocrity The harder you choke down the pain inside, the tighter it engulfs you. If however, you have the courage to honour and listen to the wound within, everything will change for you. You will discover that if something is wound around you, constricting you, it must have a purpose, and that purpose is to unwind. Thus as you face your pain through the Gift  of Acceptance, the wound begins to unwind and another higher destiny opens before you Constriction is also found in our communities, through our need for laws, territory, barbed wire fences, 


Passports and money Above all perhaps, are the massive constrictions we unconsciously place upon ourselves through our measuring of time. Our total dependence on time creates an enormous energy field of tension and pressure on a global level. The other great agent of the 25 Th Shadow is the human mind. Almost all systems of thought create more constriction inside you, with the exception of those that lead you into deeper acceptance of your true nature. Just as the 25* Gift opens avenues at all levels of creation, the 25* Shadow closes them down. The programming partner of the 25* Shadow is the 46th Shadow of Seriousness, which teaches you that the tighter you hold onto anything, whether an opinion, a person or an object,  the more constricting it becomes for you. The 25* Shadow distorts the universal love of the Siddhi into the lust for matter. This manifest as obsession with materialism —- the most obvious direction for the flow of constricted fear   to take. The urge to allay the fear becomes the need to reduce the universe to objects and to hold onto them as tightly as possible. Anyone who clings to the objects around them is deeply under the influence of the 25* Shadow. This can if also apply to relationships. In relationships, this human tendency to try to hold onto others as physical anchors distorts and restricts the natural flow of love between people. Love grows through freedom and dies through constriction. 

It is very important that you understand the 25* Shadow because it represents the beginning of your journey into form. To be alive in a physical body can be experienced as the ultimate constriction, especially if your reality is rooted in fear. Fear is the by-product of all low frequency energy fields. Constriction is the physical manifestation of fear at an individual and universal level. Moreover, fear creates a very effective biofeedback loop that ensures its own survival. It’s really very clever when you think about it — fear is afraid of itself, which ensures that it never accepts itself which ensures that it always survives. There are different kinds of fear as well. There is the fear that is hotwired into all physical creatures —— the genetic fear that ensures our survival as individuals and groups or tribes. Then there are the more pervasive manifestations of fear — the fear of war or chaos or cataclysm, which exists at a collective level within the human unconscious. The deepest fear of all is the fear of not existing -—— the fear of death on the individual level, or the fear of extinction on the collective level. Such fears form the general backdrop awareness Held of our planet. Then we come to pure fear, which does not even have a target. Pure fear is simply a collective thought form that hangs like a grey fog across our world.

This is the 25th Shadow —— a wound beyond understanding, an endless chasm leading downward, a vast constricting pressure choking the life out of you and yet, ultimately, nothing more than pure illusion. This Shadow has a divine purpose ——- it holds a great design within it and ever draws you onward toward your inevitable destiny in the 25* Siddhi. To really grasp what the 25* Shadow is you have to see how radical the 25th Siddhi is at the other end of the spectrum. It advocates a life without boundaries or constrictions of any kind. The process of entering into the sacred wound is therefore a process of unravelling and unwinding the karmic knots and cords that come with our lives and our relationships. As we learn to face our wounds,


So our journey gradually becomes clearer and easier. This is the epitome of the journey through the 25th Gene Key — the path from fear to love 



The 25th Shadow teaches us something profound about the nature of ignorance. In reality it is a form of repression. All repressive natures essentially use their energy to maintain a -state of ignorance. Ignorance in this context refers to the inability to look at your own pain. The deeper your personal wound is held captive inside you, the more your higher faculties shut down. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is misery but it doesn’t recognise this unless something momentous happens. Because of the pervasiveness of the Shadow frequency, ignorance is still one of the greatest diseases in our world. It takes a massive collective effort to constrict the life force wanting to burst from our bodies the moment something triggers the letting go of your pain, there is a flood of release and relief around your heart as the Shadow of Constriction is weakened. Whether you repress this pain again after the event is another matter entirely 


Just as the repressive nature is unable to own the depth of the sacred wound within, the reactive nature is unwilling to own it. These people express their pain through projection. Thus they are cut off from their hearts in a different way. The repressive nature does not know how it feels, whereas the reactive nature hates how it feels. It expresses that hatred by being cold-hearted. As we repeatedly see through the 64 Shadows, all reactive natures express fear through anger, so these people take out their pain on the world, especially on those closest to them. In effect it is impossible for anyone to come very close to these people. Their volatile nature quickly pushes away any form of genuine warmth because it reminds them of their own pain. As with all reactive natures this often leads to abusive or very short-lived relationships.



Here in the 25th Gift we arrive at one of the greatest and most powerful of all human Gifts, the Gift of Acceptance. Because this 25* Gift represents the portal to the true nature of the universe as love, it has incredible relevance for all human beings. The flowering of love follows the burgeoning of acceptance. Acceptance is based on taking the 'soft' approach to life, as the 25th Gift’s programming partner, the 46th Gift of Delight, testifies. The path of love is the path of acceptance, which is not a technique but more of a ‘seeing`. In order to accept something about yourself and especially something uncomfortable, it first must be recognised this kind of acceptance takes place when you build up the courage to look into your own Shadow. In the 25th Shadow we saw how fear creates its own biofeedback loop, which maintains this constriction of the life force inside you. The only way of breaking this loop is to have the courage to simply feel the fear. As soon as you reduce fear down to its essentials —— that is a physical sensation deeply entrenched within the chemistry of your body — you discover the great secret of acceptance. You no longer need to be afraid of fear. Fear is the very vibration of the sacred wound, which at a deeper level makes it holy ground. In allowing yourself to experience the true constriction of this primal wound, you begin to feel a subtle softening around your chest, and slowly, almost imperceptibly, your breathing deepens. This softening process of accepting whatever you feel at any given moment builds its own momentum in your life, and after a period of time you will really feel different. You are moving out of the lower frequency fields of the victim consciousness and experiencing more of life itself

As the Constriction of the 25"' Shadow loosens its hold, you also access far more energy and optimism. Optimism is not the opposite of pessimism but its true underlying nature when freed from constriction. The state of acceptance is akin to spiritual springtime — everything seems possible again as everything in your life begins to flow more freely and easily. this will manifest outside you as universal synchronicity is activated through the 25th Gift. However, even at the Gift level of frequency suffering still exists, and it keeps returning to test your level of acceptance, there are many layers of frequency bands between the Shadow, Gift and Siddhi levels. Over time your acceptance deepens even further until you finally let go of your need to escape the wound altogether. At this heightened stage your acceptance becomes complete and you spontaneously make the leap to the siddhic level. It is important to understand that this is all a process, but there is no real technique to it, even though it may begin with technique. Any attempt at 'trying’ to accept your nature only reveals a further level of subtle unacceptance. What you are really accepting therefore is your own utter helplessness,

If you have the Gift of Acceptance in your hologenetic profile or feel a strong connection to it, you will probably be the kind of person who feels like you belong everywhere. You will likely not judge others in the same way that most people do. Acceptance is not something you can easily learn. It is often something you are born with, and the more accepting you are the more life will tend to test you. You will quite possibly undergo challenges to test and deepen your sense of innocence and trust. The 25th Gift makes it difficult to hold a grudge or worry too much about life. You will walk through life with an air of another world about you, while at the same time being deeply grounded and open to others. in a nutshell, you carry the seed of love.

'The 25th Gene Key is the master key within the genetic codon group known as the Ring of Humanity The 25"‘ Gene Key is the core of your humanity It is the irritation inside the oyster that eventually causes the formation of the pearl, and the pearl is acceptance. Acceptance is the grail that you are seeking. When you can finally accept everything in your life just as it is right now, you will have embraced the human wound. Acceptance comes in layers — layers upon layers -just like the tightly wound genetic double helix itself You have to relax these layers deep inside you so that you can feel the flow of love once more moving within your being. The more you can accept yourself and others, the more love will bloom in your life .It is beautiful and as simple as that.




The Rose and the Chalice 

The 2Sth Siddhi is a special Siddhi, whether it happens to be within your hologenetic profile or not. Every Gene Key exists inside each of us, and the 25th Gene Key is the primary archetype of love. Behind the mystery of the 2Sth Gift lies the mystery of suffering, and as we have seen through the 25th Shadow, it is a theme integral to the evolution of human consciousness. This connection to human suffering brings the 2Sth Gene Key into close relationship with the 22nd Gene Key by whose Grace deep acceptance and love may be found. The sacred wound only reveals its true purpose through the 2Sth Siddhi of Universal Love.

Within the 64 Siddhis, there are many other variations of love, and in fact every Siddhi is a fractal aspect of Universal Love. Examples are the ecstatic sensual love of the 46th Siddhi, the devotional heart love of the 29th Siddhi, the intoxication of the S6th Siddhi and the Compassion of the 36th Siddhi. The 2Sth Siddhi is Love itself as the source of all, and in this sense it can be called Universal Love. in all cultures, this love is represented through the great myths and in many of these myths it is symbolised by the sacred symbol of blood. The symbol of blood has many meanings and levels. It represents the conduit for the sacred wound itself the blood that passes from human to human down the ages and that contains the codes for our ultimate healing. On a more universal level, it symbolises consciousness, that which moves through and behind all forms, knitting them together into a great cosmic pattern.

Perhaps the best known of all myths concerning blood is the myth of Christ, whose blood is said to have been shed for all humanity there is a deep secret concealed in this myth. The sacred wound that hides within each human being can be understood at the three main levels of consciousness — at the Shadow frequency the wound maintains human suffering. at the Gift frequency the wound provokes man to evolve, and at the siddhic frequency the wound reveals man’s true nature as an expression of Universal Love. Only at the siddhic level of consciousness can you understand the true meaning of the blood of Christ. When your frequency is lifted up to the siddhic level everything takes on a cosmic dimension and you have no choice but to take into yourself the suffering of all beings.

In terms of our genetics, the blood of Christ represents the absolute acceptance of the suffering of all men and women from the beginning of time, all of which is encoded in the human genome. This is why it is said that a being at the highest frequency takes on the sins, the suffering, of humanity, whether they are termed a Christ or a Bodhisattva. This is the only way to attain the highest state of Universal Love. At the Gift level of frequency; you begin to take responsibility for your own suffering. As your experience of suffering deepens it is experienced as unending and you begin to transform the ancestral wounds of those who have come before you. The deeper you move into acceptance the more you have to open your heart to human pain, and the more pain you transform the more love you feel at a certain level, the process loses its personal flavour and takes on a universal dimension. At the level of the 25th Siddhi, a permanent leap is made whereby everything becomes acceptance and the rose of universal love blooms. This is the true beauty and purpose of all suffering.



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