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Hello everyone,

Thanks for checking out my post.

I've been studying the esoteric arts and sciences for a few years now.
I recently started looking into the more complex aspects of astrology after getting pretty familiar with the qualities of each sign and planet.

My intention for this post is to open up a discussion about performing spells or magickal workings in accordance with planetary cycles. Does anyone have experience with this and would like to share? Was it successful? Any tips?

To be more specific, I'm talking about doing magick when a certain planet is in a certain sign or when the moon is in a certain phase or planetary days and hour correspondences.

I would like to hear your experiences and opinions.

For advanced responders:

When planning a magickal work, let's say I want to perform a white love spell on a Friday (for Venus) in the hour of Venus. Would something like a void moon ruin the spell if it was that night? Should I consider moon phases AND planet positions for spells?

I know most wiccans only follow moon phases. Can planetary positions have a negative influence on a spell cast by a practitioner who only follows moon phases?

Basically, I want to know what I should consider and look at when planning the best times to perform a certain magickal working and if this sort of planning is more effective than performing the spell without such planning.

Thank you very much. I hope this wasn't too long.
I'm looking forward to hearing all your wisdom.

- Nick V.

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A void of course moon means nothing will come of it. Performing ceremonies is best done with knowledge. Perhaps you need more than basic knowledge of planets. It's good to begin elementally, good you k ow how to place rulership of hours! To learn about the tree of life will set a basic map. Regards

Thank you very much, Annette. I do appreciate the response.

Some more information:
I'm pretty familiar with the tree of life and it's correspondences to Astrology. In fact, thinking about your response helped me find my eureka moment.


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