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I've been chatting a little bit about astrology with a member of this group, and it occurred to me to wondered about the make-up of our group.   

Are group members merely curious about astrology, and if so, what do they want to know?  How much do they know or understand about the workings of astrology?

Did members join mostly hoping to get a free chart reading?

Are members currently studying &/or practicing - either professionally or in a non-professional way?    If so, what type of astrology is being studied, practiced, or focussed on?

Personally, I've been "messing around" with astrology for 30+ years. I started out with some books on natal astrology, learned to draw up charts by hand (no computer programs back then - the math was easy part!), almost gave it up entirely in fit of frustration trying to make sense of the plethora of interpretations, eventually found my way to Traditional Astrology, studied Horary Astrology formally with a teacher, am still intrigued but somewhat mystified by natal astrology (human beings are so complex!), and am picking around the edges at Esoteric Astrology.  In all that time I've learned a lot, and I've realized I'll always be a "student of the Art".

So I thought I'd throw this out there and hope that many of you will feel like jumping into the conversation.  

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LOL  It's a small world!  I was on Eileen's Athena list for several years.  I enjoyed the posts and discussions we had on there about her brand of medical astrology using the Uranian planets.  Is that the right term?  Remarkably accurate.    



My main interest is in elective astrology, and I got into it from studies in other esoteric fields.  I have only been studying it for about a year, so I recognize that I have very much to learn.  Also, my main reason for joining this group was in the hopes that if I had trouble understanding something I would be able to ask about it and in the future perhaps help someone else who may have questions.

  I use it to find the best days and times for my magical workings.  It was actually a portion of The Three Books Of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa that pointed me in the direction of Elective Astrology in the first place.


  I've used it for finding good times for starting new projects otherwise, but that hasn't been my main focus.  And, I am not familiar with that name.   Can you recommend any books or something by her?

I use it mostly for planning the creation of talismans.  I've had great results from using it to fine tune the exact timing of spellwork, but I usually suffice with a proper planetary day and hour.
My talismans have been created primarily in a Cabalistic method, and I have been quite satisfied with them.

Hi, Johah;  Thanks for replying.  Do you use electional astrology for making talismans?  If so, I suppose you are familiar with Chris Warnock?  He's very knowledgeable about astrological magic.  I have read some things he's written. 

I am familiar the rudiments of electional, (I wouldn't let myself loose on anyone for anything important!), but not much at all to do with astrological magic beyond the merely superficial, but it is fascinating as well as very useful and effective.   Seems like there should be a tie in with that and esoteric astrology - the effects of the 7 rays and all - at some level anyway.  I can sense it, but the particulars escape me.

I am not familiar with the 7 rays, or what they pertain to.  Also, I have read bits of things mentioning astrological magic, but have yet to ever come across anything that explains what exactly it is or the methods.  Are there any resources you could recommend so that I can enlighten myself a bit?


I feel I should expand that a bit.  In Agrippa's Three Books it covers basic elective astrology charts.  Agrippa does give quite a bit of merit to Astrology, but doesn't really cover it beyond using it to plan ritual workings.

I use Elective Astrology to cast charts for given times so I can see what forces are active and how everything is interacting, in order to figure out the best times to make talismans or sigils.  I know of Christopher Warnock, but I don't believe I've read anything he wrote.


I am not familiar with Astrological Magic itself, though the idea has always fascinated me.  For the most part, I practice out of the grimoires (like the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon) and when I make the seals for some of the spirits I call up, it helps to figure out the best times for it (hence Elective Astrology).

Check out Renaissance Astrology    There's a lot there, at least it seems so to me.  It might look different to you.
Thank you, this site looks like a great resource.
I have used it for surgery and found it really works.  I wouldn't think of having any procedure done without it. 

Hey Deb, a very interesting question.  I am very much like you - I "did" charts in the early 80s on one of the first computers.  I loved the computer programs.  Then I studied under Robert Hand at Omega Institute in the late 80s.  I have mover around since then but always check my transits at  which I consider really a great site.  I am have a huge disagreement with a member of the Psychology Today blog - he was very insulted when I told him that I could learn more about a stranger spending an hour with his/her chart than he could learn on his couch.  He called me stupid - I'll let you guess my response.  At any rate, I am looking forward to this blog as I just signed on today.  Will your answers come to my email address?  I hope so because I forget to check back.  Thanks, Nancy




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