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I've been chatting a little bit about astrology with a member of this group, and it occurred to me to wondered about the make-up of our group.   

Are group members merely curious about astrology, and if so, what do they want to know?  How much do they know or understand about the workings of astrology?

Did members join mostly hoping to get a free chart reading?

Are members currently studying &/or practicing - either professionally or in a non-professional way?    If so, what type of astrology is being studied, practiced, or focussed on?

Personally, I've been "messing around" with astrology for 30+ years. I started out with some books on natal astrology, learned to draw up charts by hand (no computer programs back then - the math was easy part!), almost gave it up entirely in fit of frustration trying to make sense of the plethora of interpretations, eventually found my way to Traditional Astrology, studied Horary Astrology formally with a teacher, am still intrigued but somewhat mystified by natal astrology (human beings are so complex!), and am picking around the edges at Esoteric Astrology.  In all that time I've learned a lot, and I've realized I'll always be a "student of the Art".

So I thought I'd throw this out there and hope that many of you will feel like jumping into the conversation.  

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Hi, Nancy;  Yes, I love, too.  I use it to draw up horary charts if I'm away from the home brain (which has some old horary software on it).   That blog should make for some interesting reading!  I will take my hat off to you.  I don't have the temperament to argue, or should I say "debate" - let's play nice >:-)   ---   with those sorts. 

Not sure what you mean about answers coming to your email address?   I think there is a thing at the bottom of this page to click on so you will be notified via email when anyone posts on this subject.  It's called  "Follow".  You'll be emailed when people post on topics you're following.    Is that what you mean? 

Not too many people have responded to my questions.  Really only about 3 people, but there are a bunch more people in this group.  Oh, well....  that is often the way of things like this.

I'm a little more ancient as a waterdragon so started a bit before that. I often find I know more than what i thought I did because the archetypes go in deeper than the intellect and come out in intuition in the way Einstein referred to it as a higher mind function rather than mystic, although I'm into that also. It is a part of me now I do not draw charts now I just switch on to interpreting one when it's needed.

Clyde, I know exactly what you mean about not being able to leave it alone!  LOL  Also, interesting what you say about it from the psychological point of view.  Are or were you a counselor?  That is what my son is pursuing in school.  His undergraduate major was Psychology and he is currently working on his Masters in Counseling.  He remarked once that the slightly different "approaches" taken by the two disciplines are very interesting by contrast.   Anyway, back to astrology....  it wasn't until I got into traditional or classical astrology that the stuff began making sense.  Earlier on, some of the books I was using were actually confusing me, and it seemed like anything could mean anything, and readings were all about a tendency for this and a talent for that, and all sweetness and light.  It drove me crazy because it didn't help me address deficiencies in charts, and usually people don't come to an astrologer or a tarot reader or a psychic or whatever when things are going well!  Sometimes they do, maybe out of curiosity or for the intrigue, but mostly people are looking for answers to problems, conundrums, or deficiencies in their lives.  So much of astrology talk is centered on what this or that means, but just as important is the interaction with the client and that whole skill set.   I don't see too many discussion threads on that, and personally I know I would benefit from that.    Anyway, just some thoughts on this rather slow Monday morning before Thanksgiving holidays.

Oh, my!  You really do like the deep diving into the psyche with that natal chart, or should I use the word "compelled".   And you sure said a mouthful, particularly that last sentence.  Complex, indeed! 

. . . . .

OK. I'm back.  I had to stop, make another cup of coffee, and mull all that over.  :-)

I must leave the psychological conundrums to others to workout, but I'm all for reading their thoughts/postulation/conclusions, and as well, discussions on a more practical level about the actual experience of working/meeting with clients. 

As to my sources, back in the 80s I was a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain (in the days before the internet) and I would wait eagerly for the journal to come in the mail every other month.  I think it was bi-monthly, and then later perhaps quarterly, or maybe the research journal was the quarterly one - I can't remember.  Anyway, in one of the issues was an article by Olivia Barkley about something called traditional astrology.  I read that and felt like I'd had some kind of mystical experience where one glimpses behind the veil.  I had always felt like there was more astrological info to be had that would help me sort through all the vagaries that frustrated me so much.   It was still a few more years before I got around to doing anything concrete about it, but finally I ordered a copy of William Lilly's Christian Astrology (which contained all 3 volumes), and shortly thereafter I signed up for a course on horary astrology.  In the tradition, horary was often the beginning level because it is very focused.  There is a succinct answer sought after, where as human beings are much more complex.  After that I got a few more books, several by Lee Lehman, one by John Frawley, a workbook from Carol Wiggers & Asso., and another one by Anthony Louis, (although he is more eclectic and not strictly traditional), just to mention a few. But that was a long time ago, and there are certainly others, and now in the age of the internet, many good sites, such as Skyscript, just to name one.  And some of the old texts are even available now as PDFs.

Of course, this is the astrology practiced pre-1700, before Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were added into the mix.  (That bothers some people, but most traditional astrologers do not ignore those planets.  They've learned how to use them, along with fixed stars and other points.)

However, the foundation of the art goes back into ancient times, Babylonia and the Hellenistic period.  And that's just the western stuff.  :-)   But it gave me the basis for the wisdom and the techniques behind the astrology that I'd already learned and also corrected a few things that had changed around the turn of the 19th to 20th century when prediction fell out of favor (due to legal pressures) and astrology became focused on the personality almost exclusively.  I had always wondered what the "system" was.  Why was Mars one way in one sign and another way in another sign, and who decided on this and when.  To me it just seem arbitrary and nonsensical and I couldn't get a handle on any kind system.  I always felt like there was a logic to it, and not merely tons of stuff you just had to learn or memorize.  That was not credible to me at all, and if that's all there was to it, then astrology would have died out ages before.  With no core logic or system, having one's court astrologer pick a time for the fleet to set sail for a victorious outcome would have been no better than rolling the dice, and no astrologer would have kept his head for long!  Kings were not kind about failures on such a grand scale.

Lastly, I would like to address your comment about not wanting to take for granted the astrological wisdom as propounded by others.   When this whole field of traditional astrology was opening up, there were several scholar/astrologers who busied themselves translating the old texts into English, mainly from either Latin, Greek, or Arabic.  They and others began testing the techniques of these ancient practitioners to see if their methods were coherent, and in a word, worked.  Lilly had learned his art based on many of these older texts and his techniques were likewise put into practice and tested.  The result of all this is Olivia's book and probably some other early works that have escaped me.  I'm not an expert on it, by any means, and my knowledge of the literature is not exhaustive.   But my point is that you can take the basic knowledge and use it with enough confidence to know that you and your own skill may be the wild card in the mix.   And with practice comes refinement.   And this, from one who doesn't practice as much as she should!  I definitely have more confidence in the method that I do in my skill.  :-) 


Hey, Sky!  I know that my education in this field is not complete, no doubt about that, and probably never would be really, but I freely admit there are some of the "leading lights" and "wise heads" whom I have not yet read.  In this marvelous age of YouTube I have heard some of them,  so there is yet hope for me.  LOL  Thanks for mentioning some of the ones I didn't.

Please do chime in any time! 


looking for a more in depth understanding, insights into the All.

I have no background on this topic besides me just doing research on my own. I joined this group because it is a subject of interest and hobby. I like to put myself in the shoes of those in the past who relied on astrology. I would love to learn and I have made it my goal through my deployment to become more knowledgeable in this area. Nice to meet all of you.


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