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Saturn is currently in Libra. What does it mean?

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Saturn is exalted in Libra!


Unusual that this is the case that Venus an apparently benign planet, ruling Libra can exalt Saturn the gruff old man. Checked with one source, so an odd combo. Definitely a time for resolutions and chickens coming home to roost?


As Benjamin says, the other aspects are vital. I have been expecting unpleasant widespread warlike events, way more than just the Libya regime change. Given the possible Solar minimum, privations willend the recent excesses, for which find Jupiter.

Patric on a lighter note ... it is not difficult to see how a young beautiful woman like Venus can energise and old man like Saturn... I think a young lade smiling at an older man will always make him stand up a bit more up right.

To really comprehend why Saturn is exalted in Libra, it helps to understand the how idea of the "dignities", of which there are 5:

1) Domicile (or rulership)    2) Exaltation    3) Triplicity     4) Term     5) Face


There are debilities that correspond to Domicile and Exaltation.  Detriment is the opposite of Domicile, and Fall is opposite Exaltation.  So if Saturn is exalted in Libra, his Fall is in Aries.  Saturn's domicile or rulership is Capricorn and his Detriment is Cancer.  


Here are two excellent articles about this. The first one is shorter and gives a description of the effect of the different dignities, based upon the teachings of Lee Lehman.  The second article is longer and more comprehensive with chart demonstrations and is actually by Lee herself.


It is interesting that Saturn's exaltation would be in a sign ruled by Venus, since Venus is the alchemical  planetary antidote to Saturn.   I don't think that is purely how Libra came to be the exaltation of Saturn, but it just supports, in my mind anyway, the wonderful symmetry and cohesive logic in this astrological system.  The system is structured along lines of the "temperaments" of the signs and planets, which are based on whether a planet is cold or warm, or moist or dry, an excess of either not necessarily being a good thing.   Saturn is a cold and dry planet.  Sometimes that coldness and dryness can be very harsh.    Add the influence of warm and moist Venus, which is Libra's ruler, and when Saturn is there, his cold dry nature is somewhat softened.  So Venus brings harmony and Libra adds balance and Saturn give structure and staying-power, if still somewhat reserved.  And depending on what house Saturn in Libra fall in a chart, that house will describe where in the life or event these energies will be felt or exhibited.    




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