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As a reply to Skywriters post about sharing how we use Astrology, I wanted to post a little about how I use it in Spagyrics or Plant/Mineral Elixirs


Astrology is an common component of Alchemy as you know, and I foresee it as something we can begin to really put to some very focused and strong intention behind its usage. As the network matures, and we grow in our own ways as well on the path of initiation, it's coming time to get a little but more diligent in my opinion.So thank you Sky for breathing some Vital Astrological life-force into the group.


I currently use Astrology in the creation of Spagyric Elixirs, which I always manifest on the day and the hour of the ruling herb being used.


So for Venus or Friday's herb if I was interested in cultivating love or passion, which might be passionflower, I generally choose the first hour of venus on Friday (around sunrise) to focus the etheric energies that much more into the subtle alchemical reactions with myself the observer. During the time of the creation, a constant state of meditation is maintained on the subtle properties of the ruling planet (s) being used, and other variable if different - as additional herbs or ruling hours could be combined to create compounded Elixirs with blended Astrological properties.


I will generally wait from 2 weeks to an alchemical month of 40 days to finish the Elixir, preferably under a full moon to increase the amplitude of the subconscious, communicative, and psychic  properties.

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Hi ☤Tris☤, I'm a new bee here and wanted to address a few things regarding your post. One, thanks for an (in)directional push—I've been very slowly building this bridge adjoining the two sectors of matter/non-matter practices.

Second, I wonder if you would please elaborate a bit on the administration of the fully charged elixirs. Anything you have to bring on the subject is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,




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