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Right before these visits occur here are some things that may take place:

    * If you are sleeping in a face upwards or supine position (Very common)
    * Irregular sleeping schedules; naps, sleeping in, sleep deprivation
    * Increased stress
    * Sudden environmental/lifestyle changes
    * A lucid dream that immediately precedes the episode.

It seems that if i sleep during the day these entities are stronger.
It starts out with a strange static feeling, usually begins in my leg and travels upward.

I first had this experience when i was 16 years old.  I was laying in bed on my back and it was early in the morning.

I awoke to this huge demon type entity on top of me. It had wings that stretched about 6 feet wide and he stood as tall as my ceiling, seemed to me to be 8 feet tall.

He had horns that were embedded on the top of his forehead and the most beautiful and seductive face i have ever seen.
He also had claws that didn't hurt me but were there in his fingers.

I tried screaming but only a weak breath came out, yet i could hear my own thoughts as i tried to desperately to scream or yell....even telling myself to move was a useless endeavor.
I was picked up by him and he had me in his arms, then i felt a pain in my stomach.

The rest is very personal to me and as of late i still have these happening to me and would like to find more people that share these experiences so we can discuss what similarities we may have.


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i used to have a lot of these type things happen to me every single time i went to sleep day or night. It started when i was a teenager. But now it doesnt happen anymore as my conciousness has changed. What i used to see were 3 orbs of smokey purpleish/blueish light. They would come into my room and i would be in a like a half sleeping state. I would be paralyzed, couldnt speak, ect. Just the same as you. I have always wondered what was going on and what were these entities. Maybe revisiting the idea here in this group will shed some light on this mystery.
Do you ever hear any voices or see any inhuman form in the room with you?
Yes it will help to talk to people that understands what we are going through...Thank you for your comment.
never any voices, never any inhuman form, just the form of these orbs of smokey light. there are other things that happened, and like you i wouldnt want to post in public. But i will discuss it with you in some sort of chat, or send me a message here and i will give you more details. Trust me, i completely understand what you are talking about. One thing i can say, looking back on the situation, at the time it was happening i was kinda frightened and didnt know how to inerpert what was going on because i had a christian mindset. I am way beyond all of that now and i would like to revisit what went on. I know it was something 'dark' but i dont think now that dark is bad. So, i hope i learn something. PEACE

it's such a relief to read your stories! i had a visitor  recently and am still not completely comfortabel. i was just about to fall asleep but still with my nerves consious and then i heard a baby cry superloud and in dolby surround. while i was still realizing that it was nothing humanly explaineble, i hear a man next to me in the bed making a cough-like sound. i wanted to immediately jump out of the bed and turn on the light but i felt something entering me and i was paralized. this was so frightening i needed all my strenght and willpower wich was a little absent by the fear, to force myself out of paralization. it felt like i was struggeling for at least half an hour before i could move. i ha a sort like experience last year in colombia in a hostel, but it didn't announce itself then, i felt a presence and at the same time something entered me and paralised me as well. somehow i was more militant at that time so i emediately went into a mental battle with it, telling it that i was not afraid and much stronger then him, i even tried to negotiate by telepatically tellig  that he was better of finding a weaker person in the same building, and he just made a mistake by chosing me haha! i wonder what the difference was and got overruled by fear.. maybe because it came in my house where i'm supposed to feel safe.. anyhow it's really good to read simular experiences! i'm quickly continuing to read the rest! and sweet dreams to everyone tonight!!

I have had some similar experiences where I felt like I was awake and could see my bedroom around me, and someone was walking toward me in the dark but when I tried to yell or speak, I couldn't utter a sound. Then I would fully awaken and there was nobody there. But, if I fell back to sleep soon, the whole thing would happen again. There wasn't anything necessarily otherworldly, I seemed to fear that someone had broken into my house and was walking toward me. Sometimes it would happen and there wasn't another being involved, the thing that was scary was that I couldn't move, speak, or wake myself. This hasn't happened in a while, but I still can vividly remember the feeling.
Yes, thats how it is for me at times....although there is a presence involved more times then i can recall.
What time in your life did this start happening ?
Are you into any dark arts or things of that nature ?


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