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Within the human body, seven major energy centers or Chakras have been identified, as well as 122 minor ones in our joints, bones, and nerves. Learning to ground, collect, and to stabilize your chakra energy will make a big difference in your body and in your life. You will feel more anchored, connected, safe, and secure.

Energy flows from the Crown Chakra through to all the major chakras. Earth energy also flows, beginning in the Root Chakra and rising through the other energy centers. You can boost your energy quickly, by focusing on each one in turn, and breathing "into" each daily. Visualize the corresponding color as you do this, and focus on the body areas and domains governed by each chakra in turn. Try sounding the mantra that relates to each (see table above). Mantras work like an ultrasound or sine wave to increase the flow of energy through each chakra, as well as the rest of your body's energy channels, called meridians.

Learning to ground, collect, and to stabilize your energy will make a big difference in your body and in your life. You will feel anchored, connected, safe, and secure. When you clear your energy, you're able to manifest the body you want, and the life you dream of. If you're feeling stuck in old habits, weighted down in your body, and filled with negative emotions, you're actually ready to grow! When you direct your energy, you change your body and your experience of life.


Chakra 1

The vowel U as ooh.
The mantra LAM.

Chakra 2

The vowel Oas in November.
The mantra VAM.

Chakra 3

The vowel O as in God.
The mantra RAM.

Chakra 4

The vowel sound ah.
The mantra YAM.

Chakra 5

The vowel sound eh.
The mantra HAM.

Chakra 6

The vowel sound e as in easy.
The mantra KSHAM.

Chakra 7

The vowel sound m.
The mantra OM.


The Major Chakra's

Chakra Location Colour Sound Domain & Characteristics
Grand Portal 15 inches" above the crown Shimmering Gold LEEE The chakra of the grand portal is located 15 inches above the crown chakra. its colour is a shimmering gold. this chakra hold the universal aspect of our being, and teaches us that all is one universal flow of energy.
God's Head / 12th Chakra 12 inches" above the crown Magenta LEEE The god.s head is made up of three points, Activity, Will, and Wisdom. It is linked with the monadic plain (second cosmic ether)
Pineal / 9th Chakra Pineal Gland Golden ----- It is located directly behind the eyes, attached to the third ventricle. this chakra is also known as the upper dan tien.
8th Chakra At the base of the skull or Cerebellum Black "ee oh eh" This centre enables the individual to achieve advanced out-of-body projection, etheric projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom.
Crown Chakra Crown Of Head Violet AUM Governs brain, nerves, Soul energy. Forms spiritual awareness, Divine energy
Third Eye Center of Forehead Indigo OM Pituitary, Pineal glands, spinal cord, Eyes, Ears, Sinuses. Spiritual Intuition. Knowledge of Higher Self
Throat Chakra Center of Throat Sky Blue HUM Vocal cords, Thyroid, Neck, Mouth. Communication, Voice, Awareness of own needs, Is Knowledge in motion
Thymus - 10th Between the throat and heart area Purple / Blue HU L. Spiritual lessons: Portal into the universal akashic records and it is through this chakra that we communicate with the higher powers, first source our god.
Heart Chakra Center of Chest Green or Pink YAM Heart, Lungs, Diaphragm, Breasts, Circulation, Breath. Ability to give or recieve. Unconditional love. Expression of Spiritual Feelings
Solar Plexus 3rd Diaphragm Yellow RAM Liver, Stomach, Pancreas, Kidneys, Adrenals, Digestion. Seat of will and manifestation Amont of personal power, Control
Soul Star - 11th chakra Diaphragm White ---- The study of the soul is a pursuit both demanding and satisfying. But the deeper the inquiry goes, the more mysterious the subject becomes.
Sacral Chakra 2nd Lower Abdomen Orange VAM Reproductive System, Bladder, Intestines. Level of Creativity, Sexual Expression, Energy of self - Affirmation.
Root Chakra 1st Perineum Red LAM Coccyx, Sacrum, Rectum level of groundedness, Survival Instinct. Link to the Earth, Forms Your perception of reality, Kundalini

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