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The Sword And The Circle

From steel made well

A sword rings true

The core will tell 

Of a peacocks hue

With this first breath

In this Art we will make

A quality of motion

In the energy we create

The  sword we present

Now part of our story

We will ever respect

In it's heaven made glory

"This sword is my spirit

Causing falsehood to shatter

And a tool for my Heart

To bring meaning to matter

My spirit is essence

While energy Life!

The opposites shall mingle

Like husband and wife

In these first steps 

My energy looms

I 'Draw Three Circles

Around the New Moon'

I now grab the hilt

In order to make

Time for the' Sparrow

to Glide Over the Lake'

From stillness I move

Toward my celestial station

My Body and Sword 

Form the 'Star Constellation'

Taoist Sword Of Alchemy


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Thanks for the wisdom. I feel like I learned a lot about why we practice sword here, without ever picking one up!

The Sword And The Circle

This fragile balance 

Of which we are given

We will ever maintain 

In the time that we live in

In harmony we strive

To ever create

In our practice we continue

To lovingly make

Phoenix lifts his head

Into infinite space

My sword point does follow

It's heavenly trace

I sharpen both inner and outer

Perceptions of sight

As well as my heart

And extend the two lights

Phoenix faints left

Spreading it's wing

My sword flies the depths

And the does seem

As my sharpness of vision

Now reaches a mile

Needing no hook

To go trout fishing style

In matters of spirit

Of body... of heart

These points come full circle

Embracing the start

As I swim the two rivers

 Inside of me

I know them as part of the 

primordial sea

And as I become one

With the here and the now

I gladly dissolve 

Into the infinite Tao



Yang Sword descriptions are kept in a poetic sequence that refer to Taoist alchemy and way a way of remembering the poetic gestures that match them...

1   Salute/Commencing Form/The Beginning

2   Three Rings Linked With The Moon

3   Star Constellation

4   Sparrow Glides On Top Of The Water

5   Sweeping Right To Left...Side To Side

6   Small Star Constellation

7   Sparrow Returns To Nest 

8   The Cat Catches Mouse...Lightly And Gently

9    Phoenix Lifts It's Head

This will go on for at least 40 more poetic descriptions usually involving nature as it's guideline

The correct attitude will yield something that is graceful as opposed to martial/war like

The sword was usually carried by the gentleman/scholar/poet

There is always momentum in this practice and a tendency to pick up speed/ go faster/ burn brighter

So I offer a reminder to keep the Chi/Qi evenly paced, not picking up any tempo "as gentle the beginning as is to the end"

14   Trout Fish Style   is a sword grip/a turning of the wrist...and "needing no hook to go fishing"

is a Zen reference meaning to meditate and to catch no fish and "Just Sit"/let it go

The two line aphorism only helps me create a couplet to match the descriptive line/s of the sword movement

I am not a scholar nor am I form the East... I am very western/modern in my sharing and I hope very simple I also hope one day I will understand more so that I might continue sharing this unique art form.

i understand most of the symbolizm here only one question. why is it necessarry to wait for the sparrow to glide over the lake? i will meditate on this. there is much wisdom here


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