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                                               The gematric riddle of Jesus Christ is solved.

                       Jesus Christ is not only a solar deity, but he incorporates the most important rule of the sacred geometry used by astronomers to measure and by architects to build: The Pythagorean Theorem.

                        In his name the gnostics in Alexandria encoded the sacred Pythagorean triangle: 3, 4, 5. The name Jesus Christ is the riddle. Jesus and Christ are two of the three sides of a right triangle, and to solve the riddle you must find the third word, the lost word, that represents gematrically the third side of the triangle.

          The solution is a phun in itself: a greek word that means "you have known", and that put together with the name of Jesus Christ, give this answer:
"You have known Jesus Christ".

The word "εγνωκατε" is used repeatedly in 1 John 2, and is the very verb that give the name to the famous alexandrian sect: the Gnostics, from ginosko (ghin-oce'-ko), knowing

                                 It all starts with the gematric values of the greek alphabet:

The gematria of Jesus is 888 and the Gematria of Christ is 1480. With those two numbers, applying the pythagorean theorem, you find the third number: 1184, that correspond gematrically to a very specific word: "εγνωκατε", that Jesus uses when he is referring to the act of knowing god:

The ratio between 888 (Jesus) and 1480 (Christ) is 5:3, or 1.666...
This number is a recurrent number in the old testament:

                The greek Gnostics were not the first to associate the pythagorean theorem to solar god and goddess. The Egyptians, who were well aware of the pythagorean theorem centuries before, associated Osiris, Isis and Horus to the sides of the pythagorean triangle. This is why the holy trinity (the triangle) is a concept so ancient and widespread:

ome recurring greek words of the Gnostic sect and of the Pythagoreans, like "Eureka!" or "Noesis!" hide the sacred pythagorean triple 3-4-5 too:

The Egyptian Pyramids represent the same secret knowledge we found in Jesus Christ, being built according to the 3-4-5 pythagorean triple:

In some tombs in Egypt we found the very 3-4-5 triangle depicted with two of their sides represented by a serpent, the phython, a symbol of hidden knowledge:

Notice that the height of the triangle (the height of the pyramid, hidden in the center, like the axis) is often associated with a female figure, like Isis or Miriam. The throne of Isis is sometimes depicted with a rectangular box similar to the geometrical figure employed in the proof of the pythagorean theorem:

The very name of God in the Bible is nothing but a gematric riddle for 3-4-5:

Parralels of Jesus & Horus

Ancient Papyrus proof

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