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The best way I can think to describe this book is that I see it as a book that could help one bridge some of the gaps between the occult and psychology. It covers typical archetypes, psych terms, and mythological characters from a Jungian like perspective. It is not a book of esoteric symbols by nature, but it does cover some esoteric ideas as The Kabbalah, The I Ching, The Chakras, and Alchemy with diagrams. While it might not be surprising that a book that is based off of Jungian archetypes would have esoteric ideas in it, this book has more in it than I expected at first glance. (It actually contains a palmistry diagram that relates the hand to the planets, mental aspects, and other body parts) I use this book to help me cross reference symbols I run into.

I would recommend this book to some one that has an interest in archetypes for psychological purposes, occult purposes, or even for dream interpretations. (To be fair though, I am not a fan of most dream interpretation books) You can find a used copy for less then a dollar on Amazon right now before taxes and shipping. For the perspective this book offers I feel like it is more than worth it. I have included a link to a short biography about the author. I hope this review was useful.

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