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  "In this illustrated guide, EMDR counselor Doug Hilton and Master Mantak Chia explain how to integrate the eye movements of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing with the energetic exercises of the Universal Healing Tao to rid yourself of the negative feelings associated with your past trauma, build up positive feelings about handling similar events in the future, and remove any physical sensations connected to the issue. The authors explore how negative emotions are stored in the organs; the effects they have on physical, mental, and spiritual health; and the maladaptive emotional states people develop to deal with the pressures of modern life.

   Providing step-by-step instructions for their new Taoist Emotional Recycling practice, the authors show how to deactivate your emotional triggers, trace energy disturbances back to the affected organ systems, transform negative emotions into positive ones by combining EMDR and the Universal Healing Tao techniques of the Inner Smile, the Six Healing Sounds, and the Microcosmic Orbit. The result is a self-healing practice that can be learned and applied quickly and easily."

   Quoting from the back cover (as the publisher's website would not allow pasting), I would like to add that this an inspired collaboration. The book came out the last week of December 2016. As of this writing, it is one of Master Mantak's latest ventures into applying his wisdom to other modalities; the other one I have on hand is a combining of his teachings with Craniosacral Therapy, a much different and yet importantly similar volume.

As an introduction to basic techniques and as well to an established energy psychology approach to overcoming emotional trauma, I recommend this to people at all levels of their work.


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