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This book contains basic, practical, information on various types of magick theory and practice. It has general explanations of symbols and why they are used. It explains the theory behind different types of magick. It has practical exercises to help the magician develop in the use of his or her will and so on. It is designed to give practical information to help the would be magician get their foot in the door, if you will. This book also includes a huge list of influential occultists, which is something I find very helpful. 

While this book does not go into as much detail as I would like, it contains enough references to where it is easy for the student to look up what they want to know more about. I think the broad range of subject matter and the advice of a seasoned magician makes up for its lack of detail though. I think this book will also save the new student a lot of time in having to research and filter through information just to come to the same understanding that can be given in this book. However, I do not think reading any one book is a substitute for personal research and practice. 

I think this book would be the most useful for the beginning student or practitioner. I have added a link to a wiki article about the author.

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