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This review is copied from Goodreads. I first heard of Janov as a child, when John Lennon discovered Primal Therapy to help him release his childhood traumas. Janov went on to refine Primal Therapy and discover other essential relationships in human development. Janov is in his 90s now, practices in California, and published other books on this topic since this effort from 2000. This is the one I read cover to cover when it came out - highly recommended.

The Biology of Love
by Arthur Janov
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The first unified theory of psychology and neurology.

Drawing on years of experience with thousands of patients and a growing body of evidence in neurophysiology, human biology and psychology, Dr. Janov shows how love or the lack of it affects not only our sense of psychological well-being but our physical health and our personalities as well. The developing brain and its chemistry are affected for a lifetime by what happens to the developing fetus and the growing child.

Janov's central thesis is that pre-birth experience and a traumatic birth are imprinted into our nervous systems, resulting in the psychological and psychosomatic diseases of later life. After birth, when the infant needs to feel loving caresses, lack of love can be as injurious as lack of oxygen at birth. Dr. Janov brings together scientific evidence from a number of disciplines to show how the presence or absence of a loving, nurturing environment in the womb and out of it can affect the complex neural connections of the brain in the forming nervous system.

This provocative, original work synthesizes the latest neurological research with psychological theory and Dr. Janov's long experience of successfully treating patients in therapy. He makes everything understandable to the educated lay person, yet maintains the interest of professionals in psychology, medicine and biology.

The Biology of Love is also a book about cure and prevention. Through Dr. Janov's unique therapy, patients are able to relive those critical events that are at the root of their present-day problems. The patients, in their own words, provide remarkable testimony to the changes possible when they reverse history, undoing the traumas that crippled their lives for decades. Through their experiences, there is a clear picture of how best to ensure a good start to life, even in the womb and how to change the way we raise our children once they come out

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There is a book you must purchase called "You Are The Placebo".  It's by Dr Joe Dispenza.  He has written a few books, but this is his latest one.  It deals with Epigenetics and the expression of new genes and suppression of old unfavorable genes by the use of a clear intention of thought combined with an elevated emotion.  Doing this you  (and you probably already know this) live into the thoughts you have by becoming bathed in the joy of gratitude.   Your subconscious doesn't understand you're just having an experience in thought, and it perceives it as real and it activates genes in your body that prepare you for the future event that you created in your mind.  Doing this over and over through meditation can create these changes in your body. His studies have been primarily focused on people who had an instant remission in their illnesses and he studied their commonalities.    Anyways, i'll shut up.   I couldn't find the video I had seen before I read his book, but I believe this to be a relatively similar video.  A perfect example of how Science and Spirituality are bridging the gap towards unity.

Bro, thank you for a great turn-on. The video is on, and am watching it through the morning with the pause button.

Replying at length is AOK even in this brevity of language age. Writing and rewriting these ideas helps us learn them, arms us with fluency against the weapons of ignorance.


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