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Ways to participate

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the Community Book Club! Thank you so much for participating, and sharing your literary jewels with all of us.

I wanted to quickly spotlight a couple of the ways the book club can be utilized, and perhaps many of you have some ideas as well, I would love to here then and implement them where ever possible if they can improve the overall experience people have here in the group.


If you have a list of books, feel free to simply paste the list of books you like into either the comment section, or if it a certain group of books you would like to be able to discuss, you may also create its own discussion, where replies are supported and further discussion between seekers can take place.


This brings up individual titles, of course you may also just comment single book titles that you recommend or would like to quickly review, however I would like to encourage everyone who is listing a certain book, or would like to review it to any degree, to go ahead and create a unique discussion for the title. Of course, this is completely up to you, and gratitude accompanies any contribution you make here.

In either case, new discussions can be added by clicking the link below.


As with blogs, forums posts, and other content items, be sure to also share your recommendations or reviews with your friends here on EO, on Facebook, or elsewhere to let everyone know of your new content.

Liking and Commenting

If you like a review, a book that has been spotlighted, or would like to offer your own perspective on a title, please feel free to click like and discuss the review or recommendation. It is in some of these ways we can all work together to make the book club as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. Again, if you have any ideas on how the book club can be improved, please let us know below.

Have an awesome day, and thanks for contributing to the book club here on Esoteric Online


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Comment by Vivian Jost on May 3, 2012 at 2:18pm

I have a few books in spanish which I could contribute with since I live in a spanish speaking country. Is anyone fluent enough to profit from them or should I stick to english stuff?

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