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I believe at some point in their lives everyone has seen some form of artistic expression, be it painting, sculptur, music, poetry, nature or even philosophical thought, and been moved by its beauty. I say beauty in the sense that it sturs our souls and brings us closer to, or at one, with the divine. After all beauty is the perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction, and can be found in both complex and purely simplistic expressions, depending upon the 'eye of the beholder'.

However, it seems that not all art is pure and beautiful. Of course if beauty really is in the 'eye of the beholder', then whether or not someone is spiritually moved by art, depends on their own personal tastes or preferences. But perhaps that is what is truely 'divine' about art, each form or style can effect different people, there is something for everyone, we are individual admirers yet all at one (connected) under the oneness of art.

One of the greatest examples I can think of that is 'anti-art', is The Bonfires on the Vanities, particularly those instigated by Girolamo Savonarola in the 1490's.

This Bonfires consisted of the burning of material items that were deemed to be occasions of sin, including works of art, books, mirrors, cosmetics and furniture. Basically any object that would 'temp one to sin'.

It should be noted here that this was immediately after the 'Golden Age of the Renaissance in Florence Italy', therefore works by great and renowned Renaissance artists and writers such as Botticelli and Boccaccio were destroyed in the fires.

Now if the whole cosmos was created by the mind, isn't using our own minds to create one of the greatest acts we as humans can do to allow us to connect to 'God'? As above so below, God made man in his own image (the mind), surely using our God given minds for creative purposes is being 'Godlike' ourselfs? After all is it blasphemous to attempt to follow in the footsteps of your idol or God, and use the closest thing we have to God, our minds?

How often do artists say that they were divinely inspired in their work? How many people have claimed that Mozarts music was a direct representation of the Music of the Spheres etc etc? I think we have all done something creative that has seemingly come out of nowhere. For example I was sitting at the table watching youtube videos of Russell Brand when I was suddenly hit with the urge to write about Divinity and art, not knowing exactly what I wanted to say but all this is just flowing out of me. Is this not Divine inspiration? If not then how? Although this is simply me writing about divinity and artistic expression, it can still be considered perhaps a kind of philosophical art-form. Not quite a masterpiece, and again whether it can even be classed as containing any form of 'beauty' is down to the personal preference of the beholder. But is using my divinely created mind to produce such work blasphemous, deserving of being 'cleansed upon a great bonfire'?

Surely then, Life itself is an Art form, should we use its beauty to become more spiritually connected and Divine........or should we burn it upon a great bonfire?

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Yea your right, I think thats the biggest issue here. Of course being Diviniely inspire to create something beautiful is remarkable and a gift, but what if those 'powers', shall we say, are used for wrong doing. I suppose Nazi propagaanda artworks would fit in this category.

Surely this gift can be and has been used for wrong doing, as Savonarola believed, but nowadays Renaissance art (that survived the burnings) are known as some of the greatest Masterpieces in history, Botticelli's Primavera and the Birth of Venus for example.

I think much like the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, also whether creative expressions are seen as right or wrong can be seen in the eye of the beholder. Art can subjugate, but it can also free. Perhaps finding the perfect balance in your own creations is to be truly divinely inspired, just like the cosmos.

As for the perception of 'what' God should be I totally agree with you. I believe that most of the problems in this world stem from the differences in that 'perception'. Is trying to 'label' a God not trying to control 'God'??

Thats why I created this post as I dont really have a definitive answer or conclusion myself, I'd like to see everyones opinions on the subject. :D

when i write it feels like what u describe about mozart. like it comes from another place and yet the me inside and this other side is one. there is no division between the two yet there is a two. it is a flow,  a dance and the two dancers are made one by the dance. 

life to me is just that. a dance. an art form. and yes it is deeply subjective but at the same time our soul already knows so all its doing is expressing. 

i can relate to shaekespear's quote that all life is a stage and we are all actors playing a part. 


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