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As above, so below.........On Earth as it is in Heaven..........Is to be a Human to be Divine?

What does it mean to be Human? What does it mean to be Divine? Can these two entities really be one, or are they totally opposite ends of the spectrum?

As Alexander Pope wrote, 'To err is Human, to forgive Divine.' As I am sure we all make mistakes, and of course all forgive, but is that sufficient enough to make a human Divine?

With the all evil in the world at presenty and throughout History caused by humans, surely then to be human certainly is not to maintain Divinity. But, as History has many a time taught us, life is not without its miracles. Indeed, to come into this world is a miracle in itself.

What then, defines Divinity and defines being Human? Can a human 'become' Divine, already is Divine, or never can be Divine?

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Is it human to be divine? I would perhaps consider that such a statement is both chauvinistic and yet absolutely true...

Chauvinistic in the sense that, as a phenomenologist, all conceptions of what 'divinity' is, appears to form from the abstract conceptualisations of the human mind...and yet, almost paradoxically counter to such notions, it appears 'true' in the sense that consciousness and mind appear to have a direction. Cosmic and biological evolution appears to becoming increasingly complex and novel, with human consciousness being an ever actualizing process of reflection, observation and growth.

I cannot help but feel that 'good' and 'evil' in the world are merely human conceptualizations - and yet, again, implicit to the formation of growth. I trust that the universe is holistic in it's process of increasing complexity, and we are but just an aspect/dimension of that. This, to me, is divinity; thus humans are absolutely divine, and yet that is only because we are an aspect of the divine.

I would say yes. since the divine is everywhere in everything and humanity is within the divine than it only is logical to say that humanity is divine since it is within divinity. 

i would say to be human is a step in evolutionary scale to reaching the full potential of being divine. 

divinity to me is everything that is godlike, but if all is god and the universe is indeed mental hense we live in the mind of god. than humanity is a face through which god gets to know itself.  reflections and faces of god. which makes it divine

I agree! There is nothing but god.  How could there be a divine all if everything that can be known or named does not exist within that entity?

I like what the Kabbalist say about how the known universe became from the womb of nothing.  Our consciousness, mind, emotions and physicality is a result of the emptiness or void that was created so that a universe could exist within the all.  Light filled the void and our god-soul descended into this three dimensional projection of reality.  Consciousness is to know that we are godlike, whereas living only in the illusion of the three dimensions, is blindness.  When we raise the physical to the spiritual through ritual or otherwise, we make the profane holy and thereby shine our godness into this plane.  We store treasures in the eternal and we are aware that there is no separation with the soul and the divine soul. 

This is how the Magi does the will of heaven on earth and to me, eternal life.  

∞ Yes it's true, i also think that we are part of the Devine Cosmic All. But it's obvious not all humans always act and live Devine, including myself of course. We do however posses the ability to learn and be aware to try be as Devine as we can during our lifetime, that is a gift from the Devine ∞

I will say to be human is to be Divine. Short and simple version goes like this.

I have an earthly mother and father and say that I am part German, Irish, English and Scot. There is probably more that I am unaware of. Yet, I too, have a Spark of the Divine in me; thus that makes me Divine, as well. I am human and divine. I am part of All That Is but not All That Is.

We use words to communicate ideas and hope that we agree on their meanings before we start stringing them together.

When we look at origin, we see Divinity, if we chose to reach deep enough. Therefore, essentially, everything is divine. The question is; how do we recognize divine behavior or how would we define it?

For analogy we can look at our body's inner workings. Our physical body is composed of many different members. Some of them transform some substances into others, create by synthesis, other members destroy intruders, break apart unwanted substances. Who of those would you identify as divine or not?

A baby's body has all of these components as well, while it itself has no idea what's going on in there or out there for that matter. Yet, we more easily see divinity in the baby then in an adult. We're better prepared to recognize divinity in innocence, because nothing grew into the way of noticing it. That does not mean it ever goes away, it only becomes cluttered with the confusion of the society we live in, the values we're being indoctrinated with, the struggles that are imposed on us.

I believe, in an ideal society- if there can be such a thing- the Divinity we're part of will always be clear and present. Neither our physiology nor our mental potential has to change for that. But we will always have to manage the challenges presented by being physical, instincts for means of survival and such. In a world that teaches greater clarity, we won't have to face this challenge after being exhausted by artificial burdens as we experience them now.

Another thought:

When we look at God or Gods, we do not consider them transforming, or changing in any way. When we look at life, we see constant transformation, the becoming of things. The divine we see as a constant, life we see has flux. From that perspective we ourselves are not divine, but of the divine, as is all else. And again we can look at our own body for analogy. We always define ourselves as ourselves, while our body is in constant flux, completely exchanged with new parts in periods of seven years, if I remember correctly. Thus, the cells of our body wouldn't see themselves as ourselves, but as being of ourselves; my toenail is not me.

But we would not exist without our body, neither would the divine without you.

Dear Ayrton,

To be Human is a Good Chance for Our Progress of the Soul....Because our Soul has to take birth as a Human Being before our Return Journey....

Divinity is far from that Human can become like God or The Creator and There is Hidden Divinity always and one has to manifest it by Cultivating the Methods of Purity of the Body, Mind & Soul....!!


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