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wow anki, i m definitely paying more attention to clouds from now on!!

              Yet once i saw a dragon a clear white dragon travelling fast like a spirit. I was shocked and couldn't believe what i saw! 

a while back i was giving a reading and just happened to look up in the sky, cause thats what i always do when i think, id stare at the sky. and i started seeing the answers in the clouds. they would form and almost talk to give the answer. also things like lightnings, wind and thunder would go along with the answer.

so it was very peculiour. it made me look into it and i ran into this article. was very amazed to find out it has a name lol.

The nephomancer studies the clouds, whose formations are random and constantly changing. The images and symbols the diviner picks out from the chaos are believed to have some sort of significance to the diviner, so long as he applies his own personal interpretations to the symbols, rather than those written or spoken about by another.

 This is very important your own belief and symbology!

oh yes most definitelly. when i use this form of divination i always go by my intuition. not by what anyone else said. my intuition has never failed me.

Yet i will tell you one real story!

                 there was this yogi who needed medical help because of his eyes going blind and he had intuitive powers as well. But he never liked modern medicine and he was scared of those medicines.

            So once while meditating come that he shouldnt go to take those medicine his eyes will be fine. So he agreed to do so.

                          Months later he went blind and was very angry on his own intuitive powers.

 Moral here is that his own fears against modern medicine gave him that fear which caused him illusions.

 So being overconfident is not always good if your chakras and patterns of fear thinking aren't cleansed!

that does say it was his fear talking and not his intuition

Yes anki something to be aware of!

hense know thyself quote

i have been through that same battle with my own self, which is why i can recognize it now much easier. been there done that

Yes good then! Maybe you should post something on your own experiences on how you overcame fear and how to recognise intuition! As you teach your wisdom deepens!

  Remember anki its not only about fear its about overconfindence of he wouldnt loose his sight. 

                 And what i meant when i asked you to write is about not only poetry but a book to break down what you experience in lay man's terms so people who read your books it can be of some help. You can first use the poetry and then break it down and add in your experience for people to understand.

Remember everything i told you:)...Many Blessings!!!


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